Ocean Tide
Ocean Tide
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A poetic adventure through the tides of life. The poet captures his theme vividly under several sub headings; being nature, life, and man, as pertains his constant drive with inspiration. He analyses the poet being and political notions of life; specific tribute to the African race, with tranquil sober tunes; ending it superbly on a soft driving theme and universal appeal, being love and beauty of the unique natural priceless.
The Rising Sun The glory of the rising sun A great splendour to behold, Glamorously rising in the east, Illuminating smiles in spherical yellow. Leading the herdsman up his journey, Embracing petals on paradise rose; Glorifying sprouting on labourer's yields, Evaporing drippings of pegged up lines. With colours of life and rays of light, Shining smoothly to sanction our day. Nature's gleaming eyes on gentle siblings Beaming sharp signals of pellucid flare; Beginner of new dawn from weary dusk, Stretching up my bones to sparkling glister. Reflecting dazzles, your scintillating shimmer, Kindle up my spirit with radiating armour; Tremendous spectacle high above mountains, Ignite my veins to the beauty of your eyes, To shed on lustre in our glimmering dance, Flickering glamour on my lyrical tunes; To burnish a glare, a bedazzled smile Luminously glorious from the rising sun.
The author, Dowell Oba is a dynamic Nigerian poet with enormous love for poetry, furnished from constant harness of his potential in the beautiful line of creativity. He held a Bachelor of Arts and Education degree in English and Literature, from the prestigious Nigerian university - University of Benin, Benin City, in the year 2009. Being an only son from an encouraging family of three sisters, he lives in Warri, Delta state, his home city in Niger Delta, Nigeria, where he occasionally writes spontaneously, exploring the genres of Literature in all its worth. His educational motivation stems from an early foundation in Fizi Model School, Control Post, Owerri (1991-1998), and a secondary education in Premier Secondary School, Orji, Owerri (1999-2004). His poems go with passion, and have featured in numerous literal journals home and abroad. His famous poem "World Cup South Africa" was published in the World Cup edition of the ZAM Africa Magazine, Netherlands, during the 2010 World Cup season in South Africa.
Over the course of several months reading, reviewing and responding to many variations of Dowell's work. I am able to share the view that this book epitomises the very essence of colourful diversity and intensity which he brings to all of his offerings. His philosophy of life and awareness of world affairs allied to his ongoing love of nature, give a complete picture of the poet within. I heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in poetry, the world as we know it, or just someone willing to open their hearts and minds to a writer who pens our dreams with the caress of a feathered quill. Richard /|\
Richard Gildea 
An artistic package! The cover portrays ocean upsurge, a depiction of its title with rich internal contents. Ocean Tide is a true reflection of societal events and realities, indicating that intellectual property & creative writers like Dowell Oba, the author do not exist in isolation. Ocean Tide is a synthesis of literary, but life-oriented work to educate, inform and entertain you. It's an investigative masterpiece that explores life. I enjoin all lovers of poetry to pick a copy, sift and appreciate.
Udeh Kenneth 

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