Plan Your Escape
Plan Your Escape
Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home
Perfect Bound Softcover
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From a travel TV Host (Plan Your Escape™), travel columnist for the Huffington Post and experienced traveler (100 countries), turn your travel dreams into reality with this acclaimed, groundbreaking, and inspiring how-to travel book. You will learn to safely travel and see more for half the cost for all trips from a weekend getaway to longer vacations and trips with comprehensive planning tools and checklists. You deserve this popular selling book! It makes a great gift that keeps on giving. Former economics professor tells 100′s of powerful cost-saving and how-to travel tips revealing proven secrets the travel industry does not want you to know! Learn to get the best deals on airfare, hotels, tours, car rentals, restaurants, cruises, and more. Both experienced and occasional travelers say Plan Your Escape, Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home is an inspiring and comprehensive how-to travel book: "It gets people exploring possibilities they never thought of". It shatters common misconceptions about traveling showing you how traveling the world or living somewhere can be safer, easier, and more affordable than you think. This book gives you the practical resources, planning tools & checklists, cost-saving strategies, and tips missing in travel guidebooks.
 From experienced travelers who have visited 100 countries, you will learn how to:

 • Discover 100′s of cost-saving and bargain-finding strategies for all trips, even a weekend getaway, so powerful the authors were able to travel for 2 years for less than $100/day for a couple, which they could never have afforded otherwise • Get the best deals on airfare, hotels, cruises, tours, car rentals, restaurants, and more • Choose the right destination for you and plan your trip • Stay safe minimizing security risks far from home and tips and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle • Save time and money with hidden secrets - 200 of the best Internet travel websites and apps • Fall in love all over again! - how to bring you closer to a partner and how to get a reluctant partner to go travel, also great tips for solo travelers
 • How-to-pack with comprehensive checklists for women and men - pack light, have more, and still be prepared • Reduce stress with step-by-step 5-month trip planning and preparation checklists and action steps Useful travel tips for experienced, occasional, and beginning travelers for any trip or living somewhere for 1-2 weeks or longer like several months Handle money & credit cards, Stay in touch cheaply with friends and family, Pay your bills online, Rent your home, Set up a travel blog, Take photos like a pro, and much more The Dunlaps rented their home and traveled the world for 2 years and are members of the exclusive Travelers' Century Club visiting 100 countries on 6 continents as well as 44 U.S. states. They have done home exchanges, taken 27 cruises on 13 different cruise lines on ships ranging from 10 to 3,000 passengers, and over 100 trips together taking cars, trains, buses, organized tours, and independent travel all over the world. Traveling is their passion! The Dunlaps have met scores of people along their worldwide journeys who asked hundreds of questions. They realized many people dream of taking a travel adventure but felt it would be too expensive with too many unknowns or didn't know the best way to pack or where to begin to make it actually happen. Plan Your Escape combines real-life answers with countless hours of research from travel experts. The experienced traveler will learn at lot. For occasional travelers, they show you how to start out slow, choose the right trip for you, and work up to longer trips or stays. They present ideas about how to get a reluctant partner interested in travel and how to bring you closer together even on a 24/7 basis. Plan Your Escape is the travel-planning guide Americans need.


We thought had it all! But we spent our lives working to pay for all of it with much of our weekends maintaining all the stuff. One day we had enough. We wanted to fill our car with gas, drive anywhere until it stopped, and start a new life.

Why? Is the American dream enough? There had to be more to life. We learned much more about ourselves traveling around the world for two years visiting 51 countries (and are members of the exclusive Travelers' Century Club, having visited 100 countries and island groups on 6 continents as well as 43 states in the U.S.). Believe us, there is so much more to life than we thought.

Come take a dream journey with us. Close your eyes. Remember it's just a dream. Image you are traveling the world cruising the islands of the Caribbean, having a margarita under a palapa on a warm sandy Mexican beach, staying a couple of weeks in the Alsace wine villages in France, visiting beautiful exotic island beaches in Thailand, wandering the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, enjoying sexy tango dancers in the streets of Buenos Aires, climbing the steps of the Great Wall in China, admiring the grand spectacle of the Great Pyramids of Giza, hiking in a rain forest in Costa Rica, witnessing the glory of Argentina's Iguazu Falls or America's Grand Canyon, adventuring the ancient rock-carved city of Petra or the magical ruins of Machu Picchu, living a month in a villa in Tuscany, and more.

How about simple delights like falling asleep on a white sandy beach under a palm tree while listening to the waves gently wash ashore, pulling into an exotic port of call on a cruise ship, watching the sun set over the ocean while having a wonderful dinner, swimming with dolphins in warm ocean waters, learning to cook real Italian food (or just eating it!), having a picnic on a sunny day tasting fine wines overlooking elegant vineyards, or waking up to days full of promise and excitement? How about not having to go home after a wonderful vacation?

Keep your eyes closed… your dream continues. Imagine places you have always wanted to see. In your dreams, the world is at your feet and month after month you travel to places you have only dreamed about, spending time to get to know the place and people not as a tourist but as a traveler experiencing and learning much more how to enjoy your life. The world is a wonderful place! Now, stop reading… actually close your eyes and take a dream travel journey – you know the one you have wished for.

Finished dreaming? Welcome back to the reality of your job, errands, meetings, traffic, long days, bills, family, house, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, mortgage/rent, pets, maintenance of your yard and stuff, repairs, projects, the ringing phone, demanding people, negative news, obligations, commitments, expectations, worries, routines, and everything else keeping us from living our dreams.

One day is much like the next wishing for the weekends that end too soon because we need to take care of so many things. We change jobs or routines, take short vacations, move the furniture around, buy new things, stay busy with errands, and try to relax watching too much TV. In spite of everything we do it never seems quite enough. Think about it… if our coveted ‘lifestyle' routines were so fulfilling and desirable, wouldn't there be shelves of books about “The Joys of Living a Routine”?

Something is missing… what about our dreams? What if your dreams can actually be your reality where everyday is an experience you choose and you wake up excited about the day? Can you really live your dream?

You can! My wife and I did it. We unhooked from what was expected of us and traveled the world for 2 years visiting 51 counties. In total, 100 countries and island groups in our lifetime. The experience has permanently improved our lives… much more than we ever could have imaged!

Plan Your Escape Now!

Wayne Dunlap is a travel TV host (Plan Your Escape™) and travel columnist for the Huffington Post. Wayne and his wife, Pat, have been fortunate to live their dreams and are members of the exclusive Travelers' Century Club. In total, they have visited 100 countries and island groups on 6 continents as well as 44 U.S. states. Recently, they rented their home and traveled the world for 2 years visiting 51 countries. They have taken over 100 trips taking cars, trains, buses, and organized tours. They have also done home exchanges and taken 28 cruises on 13 different cruise lines on ships ranging from 10 to 3,000 passengers. They now enjoy most of their traveling independently on their own.

The Dunlaps have been chosen “Best Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow” and stories about their travel adventures have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others.

Wayne has a burning passion for travel and being a former Economics professor, also has a sincere desire to inspire others to travel and see more for half the cost for all trips from a weekend getaway to longer vacations and trips, experience more adventure and romance, and safely realize their travel dreams with comprehensive planning tools and resources. You can arrange a Plan Your Escape™ travel seminar for your organization about great travel tips and inspirational stories. Wayne was a business owner, executive of high-tech companies, and an Economic professor after his PhD program at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He is listed in Who's Who Among American Professionals.

Pat is a winner of Entrepreneur of the Year for San Diego and says: "Choosing to run away with my husband and best friend, has been the most rewarding lifestyle change one can make and has brought us closer together."

You can learn more about the Dunlaps and their worldwide travels and sign up for travel tips and cost-saving bargains at their: World Travel Adventures blog: Travel Book Website:

Extraordinary travel idea book! This is an in-valuable resource guide for budget minded travelers experienced or beginners with hundreds of current cost cutting tips. It shows you how to live on $100 per day per couple, transition inexpensively from one destination to another and handle detaching from your 9-5 job for extended travel (yes, it is easier than you think).

This book will inspire you to start planning your next travel adventure today. It is a must have travel guide for every cost conscious traveler.

Pat Allen 
This is a GREAT book for answering travel questions and solving problems. Seems like every question I can think of is addressed, thoroughly answered then suggestions given on how to proceed.

It's a great reference book as well! Everything is broken down into simple step by step chapters that cover everything from packing to finding inexpensive air fare!

I highly recommend this book because it's become a go to book for myself and friends!
Read this book, and you'll find out how I've been about to travel the world! Wayne and Pat Dunlap have put it all down for you, so get your passport, rent your home, buy a ticket and see the world...Happy trails, and thanks for the book, as I learned a lot. Kirk Webster...Century Club, and 200th+/- in the world on:
Kirk Webster 
It is a real pleasure to see this work finally in print!! I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne and Pat whilst on their travels and have to say that from the humble beginnings of the travel blog to now is no mean feat. It was truly an inspiration to speak and spend time with these two people who had already been a success in their business and personal lives to them realising that there is more out there to experience...and for them to actually go and do it! It is a treat to know that all the knowledge they have accumulated on their adventures can now be shared with the masses!

Everything that is written here has truly been experienced and lived by Wayne and Pat. This book has a phenomenal wealth of information that you wouldn't find in any normal travel guide from budgets to relationships to how to pack and this is because the viewpoint they are coming from...this is no gap year guide, it's a way to take control of your life and gain the freedom you've always wanted but been too scared to go for. Being a traveller myself, I have found there are things I wouldn't have even thought of and picked up a number of tips to ensure my travels go more smoothly...definitely areas such as house exchanges and repositioning cruises.

This is one guide that will definitely be well thumbed and highlighted before I set out on my next trip!
Although it seems that this book is mainly targeted to folks who are unencumbered by work commitments and are in the luxurious position of having long stretches of time on their hands, I think it can also be of really great value to anyone who has a weekend to spare on an international business trip, to students studying and traveling abroad, and couples looking for ways to stretch their dollars on their annual 2-week vacations.

I’m very interested in trying all the suggestions for packing lighter. There’s almost nothing I hate worse than running through an international airport trying to catch a connecting flight while carrying and dragging what seems like twice my body weight in clothes and travel paraphernalia.

And traveling to a destination via a repositioning cruise! What a way to start a vacation. No jet lag. No sleeping in a chair (unless it’s on a deck). Breathing only fresh air with time to do more homework on sites to visit. My wife Paula and I will certainly try this.

Most importantly, this book has convinced us to take a different tack on vacation travel. Instead of our usual new city each day filled with dawn to dusk cultural tours, Paula and I would like to settle into an interesting site and take a more relaxed approach to absorbing our surroundings, the people, and their culture.

John Serbin 
This book is packed with honest and extremely useful information which has been brought to you through Wayne and Pat's travelling experiences. It was with great pleasure that I met them during my travels and I found them both to be very inspirational with heaps of knowledge. Not only does Wayne give you the best travelling advice with every aspect included but he has kindly shared his secret into making this "Travelling Dream" into "Reality". This book tells you how you can get there and everything you could possibly want to know from the moment you think about travelling to the day of your return...if you dare come back!!!!! Thank you Wayne for all your hard honest work in providing us with an exceptional outstanding book!!!!

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