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This Book may be a one of a kind even about your own life. Or someone you know, “Want to find out”? Read On! Keep in mind as you read the stories in this book they were put on paper by the people in each story, we did not edit much because we want you the reader to see the real person in their true words, and to feel what there are going through, and best of all to see that we are people like you who pulled FREE. WE ARE True Survivors of Drug Abuse, Child Abuse and Rape! JOIN US! Become a Survivor free yourself you’ll, love it. (“We are not Licensed Therapists”.) We are just people who survived to share!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Almost thirteen years ago around 1998 I the Author found myself still with no direction in life, “O” I was doing what most people were doing you know going to work then come home, go to the bar when there was money, sometimes even go to the casino on pay day hoping to win it big but still coming home a loser Ha! Loser my middle name. To top things off I had every bad habit you could think of, even trying to end my life early and not fully understand why, you ask how? ”O” well for starters I liked smoking, ha! ha! not much only 3+ packs a day and then when I got with my friends or without we would do are daily drugs and yes even booze great life huh, wait it gets better. I started my own painful journey in a foster home after being abandoned at birth, after two years with this family they adopted me, at age six military school my next stop you can see by the picture of me in my book standing in my military outfit across from my baby picture, this would become my life for the next 3 years, you see I was sent away seven of my first 14 years of life from place to place and never knew who I was till age 60. I was inspired to put this book together because of some special kids in my life and for other reason. We hope it might help people who are still living in their own Hell or something like it and also show them how to get FREE. The stories are painful and might put you in tears; they will even at times anger you. You will see how people learn to forgive both them self and others and move on. I have been told when it came to the graphic you will feel the true pains and sorrow in each story; this book can change your life if you let it.
Need tell readers the Book talks about Child Abused...Drug Abused...Alcoholism...Rape...Death...Abandoned...much more
Bill Breig 
This Book after reading it will help you free your self from your pains of life ,like Drugs, Child Abuse,Rape, and so much more. I found in this book true stories about real pain and how they got free. Do you want to be free from your pains then read this book.

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