The Sun's Most Beloved Child
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Friendly and colorful dragons come to the rescue after a sleeping volcano erupts.
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Why am I qualified to write this book? Because I loved and enjoyed writing it; I was inspired by the colorful dragons drawn by my dad’s best friend’s youngest child. After seeing those gorgeous dragon drawings, my soul started imagining a marvelous land full of life, summer days, and wonderful native people surrounded by evergreen landscapes. I let my imagination get lost and fly into a distant past and place. This short story, by the way, is about friendly and colorful dragons that come to the rescue after a sleeping volcano erupts. Genre: Science fantasy. I worked on it about a year; I took that long because I wanted it to be attractive and interesting for readers. My two passions in this life are writing and working with children. I always give my best when I am occupied in either. I might continue speaking wonders about me and my passions; but I’d rather let others do it for me, in this case, two beautiful women who were my teachers -whose nourishing knowledge and loving mentoring, improved my life and opened the eyes of my soul to see the big picture and achieve my goals: Erin Davis Early Childhood Education Teacher Long Beach, California. Spring 2000 “I can truly say that I have never seen a student work quite as hard and diligently as Edwin. I am not quite sure if he even sleeps. If he is required to work 8 hours, he sometimes works 16. His assignments are always turned in before they are due … Edwin will be successful in whatever he does because of his high motivation and ability to work hard at everything.” Jennifer Mosley English 102 Teacher South Seattle Community College Summer 2008 “Terrific Edwin! It is clear and well organized; I’ve enjoyed working this quarter with you and reading your always unique and energetic essays. A pleasure!” Currently, I live in the Seattle area. I am a college student at South Seattle Community College. I am working on my A.A. degree and my major is psychology. I love writing about anything. So far, I have written fifteen songs, five poems, a memoir picture book, and a picture book for preschool children (all of them unpublished). I love working with children as well; I have been a Sunday school teacher (volunteer) for several churches and for more than a decade. To improve my early childhood education and writing skills, I have taken some extra classes and seminars about children, writing for children, and writing in general in my current city and in Long Beach, California.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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