Forever and Always in the Enchanted Forest of Wherever
Forever and Always in the Enchanted Forest of Wherever
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In days of old, there was a tale told, of a place of enchantment, magical charm and beauty; a place of hopes, dreams, and fairy dust magic. Where there lives two, very true and very best friends. In this place known only to two of humankind, lives Starbeam, a yearling of chestnut brown with a perfect star of white upon his forehead, and Goldie, a beautiful gold and black butterfly or should we say Ondo’ maiden, yes, a true change about. Goldie is very special you see, for she is a Fairy Princess and she can change into what ever, whenever she likes. However, most of the time she likes being just Goldie butterfly. Starbeam and Goldie are destined to protect all beings of the enchanted forest of Wherever from hurt, harm and danger. Their adventures take them from the peace and tranquility of the enchanted meadows, forest and the beautiful Blue Glass Lake of fairy-like folk. Deep in the forest where there friend the old hermit lives. Walking, talking tree-beings, and all of their animal friends that live there in the north of Wherever. The great waterfalls and mountains of the enchanted forest of the south of Wherever. The great mountain cliffs of the Golden City of Var, to the great Sea of Source, east of Wherever. The tangled jungles and deserts of the west of the enchanted forest of Wherever, and back again. Now we would like you to open your hearts and your minds. Come sit with us and listen as we tell this tale, my grandchildren and I, of fairy dust magic, hopes and dreams. As Starbeam and Goldie, with a lot of courage and a whole lot of trust, set off on their quest to rescue the Crystal Key of the Book of Spells of Good and Mean Tricks from the very raging Sea of Source.You see, prophesy proclaims that harmony and peace will dwell Forever and Always in the Enchanted Forest of Wherever.

There was a great storm moving over the Sea of Source towards the ancient Cliffs of Var.  Never before had there been a storm so mighty.  There were waves crashing with a great roar and boom against the dangerous and jagged rocks that surrounded the cliffs.  These waves were as tall as Dragon Father, Shjak’Ula was.  The happy powder blue sky had turned a gloomy gray and you could not see Father Sun at all.  There were rolling black clouds tossing bolts upon bolts of lightning at Shjak’Ula and his son Mutumba, Dragon Wizard and Teacher.  The boom of thunder was raging all around.


Ducking and dodging up the mountainside to the jagged cliffs of Var, Shjak’Ula and his son Mutumba charged with a mighty leap, whoosh, swoosh of their great wings flapping against this very windy, and storm tossed sky.  There with might and great courage while their diamond studded ears shined as beacons through the darkness, they stood upon the great ancient cliffs as sentinels, waiting and watching.


At the base of the mountain the Dragoness Lady Linja and Rose, Keeper of the Meadows with her mare and companion, the Magnificent Midnight Star, hurried the gentle Varian folk to the safety of the dark caves.  Feeling safe and secure in the Dark Caves of Var the Varian folk read books, sang songs, played games and paid no mind to the storm above or the raging sea below.  The Dragoness Lady Linja and Midnight Star seated all of the Varian folk in the gathering hall in her lair and asked Rose to tell a story of courage, magic and wonder.  Rose was a very gifted storyteller.  As Rose began her story with Midnight Star at her side, Lady Linja listened to the roar, crash, and boom of the raging tempest throughout the night, until the early dawn.


The story I am about to tell, is born in a place of peace, beauty and magical charm, known to only two of humankind.  In this wonderful place, there lives a very special and magnificent yearling of chestnut brown with white painted hooves…  He has a perfectly shaped star upon his forehead, and his eyes are a moon light gray.  His name is Starbeam.  This place of enchantment where Starbeam lives, is the great meadows, plains, forest and mountains of Wherever.  He lives there with his very best friend, Goldie Butterfly.  Goldie is the youngest Princess of the fairy-like folk that live in the Butterfly Kingdom, better known as, Butterfly Kingdoms Field.  Butterfly Kingdoms Field is located near Fairy Island across the beautiful and ever flowing, and very, very wide, Blue Glass Lake.  It is in the deepest and oldest part of our own enchanted forest of Wherever.

      Mildred J. Murphy-Wharton has resided in the city of Compton, California for forty-six years. For twenty-eight of those years she has worked in the health care industry. She is surrounded by her best friend and life’s mate, two handsome sons, lovely daughter, daughter in law, and god-daughter, seven great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and many friends. She loves reading, traveling, writing and going to senior Softball games.

      Her granddaughter’s Ronisha J. Mays, fourteen years old, and Jessica D. Wharton, twelve years old, frequently visit and spend a great deal of time with their grandmother, as all of the grandchildren do. Ronisha has a talent for drawing, singing and has a fantastic imagination. She loves playing chest and collecting stuffed animals, listening to music, swimming and shopping. She hopes to be a lawyer someday.

      Jessica has this magnificent ability of making everyone smile when she enters a room. She loves cooking, reading, writing short stories, listening to music, swimming, skating and playing chess. Her dream is to be a veterinarian some day. If it had not been for Jessica’s energy and inspiration, and Ronisha’s fantastic imagination, this project would have never come to life.

      We hope you enjoy reading “Forever and Always in the Enchanted Forest of Wherever” as much as we enjoyed writing it.



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