3 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy, Feeling Better & Looking Good
3 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy, Feeling Better & Looking Good
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To view testimonies:  After reading this book, I am now more in-tune with what my body needs as well as what is needed to sustain a happy and healthy life. Consequently, I have lost over 100 pounds and am now considered an average size woman by today’s standards. I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for how to live more "heart healthy".  Thanks Dr. Etherly, I am sure others will  experience similar results.


Mary C. Stewart-Roary, MHS, MBA, MPH, PhD (I am completing a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics with a minor in Pharmacy), Tucson, Arizona


I am now more conscious about my eating habits. The book has had a great impact on me having a healthy lifestyle.  I even exercise more, which attributes to a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. A. Armstrong, Memphis, Tennessee.


Avoid complications of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Bad Nutritional Choices, Elevated Cholesterol, Physical In-Activity, Stress, Cardiovascular Disease’s and Obesity with 3 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy, Feeling Better...


Tips on:

Increasing of dietary fiber intake to help avoid constipation

Avoiding too much saturated fat (while dining out) to help reduce cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure

Reducing simple sugar intake (at the supermarket & kitchen) will help maintain a healthy blood sugar level

Healthy eating


This is for YOU wanting to have a higher quality of life by living a healthier lifestyle.  Everyday stretches to help reduce tension and stress; breathing techniques to help increase oxygen and blood flow; meal planning to increase immune system function that helps reduce colds.


Author, Bernard Etherly discusses common concerns that face professionals and then provides practical, everyday tips for managing these issues.  The information is well researched and supported by professional medical references.  It is written in an upbeat, with pictures and applicable situations.

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