A New Beginning in Life by God's Grace
A New Beginning in Life by God's Grace
Perfect Bound Softcover
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National society of the Sons of the American Revolution Certificate of both Ancestors. The Hightower Chapter #36 Texas. Part of the American History of my ancestors, both sides came from Durham Co. England. They came on the same two ships, the Arc and the Dove, to St. Mary – Maryland established the 3rd colony in 1634. They moved to Tazwell Va. Thomas Witten Sr. Fort for protection against the British Indians. Then moved to Rock Creek, Ky. Jeremiah – Witten was given land 193 acres in Rock Ck for fighting in revolution. The book has documents, and color pictures about different parts, stories about my life in the Air Force, some funny and interesting. A veteran, in Korea and Japan, with a honorable discharge. Went back to Louisville, started looking for work, and then started professional boxing, sparring with no. 1 ranked fighters. Had a record with 10-1st round KO’s and 1 lost TKO. Our trips to Mexico area around Monterrey, Monica and 1 for 33 years giving new testaments to them that our Pastor Gentry of Victory Baptist Church Louisville Ky. Teaching the Bible, how to repent and change thru Jesus Christ, and many did! Many miracles happened! When in Louisville, there was miracles too! Three electricans changed born again! One I will never forget, he is in the book. He was the representative, business agent of about 1200 electricans. One day in his office talking to him, being good friends. He started cussing using God name. Chuck, I am a Christen, and I do not like it and God does not either. He answered back Blankty blank do not care then lightning struck next to his desk, we jumped and he said I am Sorry LORD, the full story is in the book, and took many steps for him to get reborn! We went out side where it struck, and there’s no sign of rain or clouds! GOD showed His Power that day, and in time couple years laterin Chuck’s life to change, to reading and believing the last part of the book is 33 messages, inspired by God’s words. Had many, but these, I chosen, the best ones, if the reader wants to study them.
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He was born in Sept. 6, 1993 in the depression time in Jefferson Co. Louisville Kentucky reborn in 5-7 1977 Victory Baptist. He was raised up on farms, until 17 by his Aunts, and Uncles. Education of two years of high school, he volunteered to the USAF on his birthday Sept. 6, 1949. Took basic training in San Antonio Lackland Texas, when finished training, ordered him to Hill AB in Utah. In 1951, he volunteered to Korea and Japan until they signed the Peace Treaty and came back on the US Frederick Funston, and Dec. 23 1953 received a honorable discharge at Parks AB. Cal. Then Jan. 1, 1954 got married and had 6 children. Trying to find a job, started professional boxing, sparring with high ranked fighters and training. Later was hired at General Electric AP and kept boxing over three years, a record of 11 fights, with 10-1st round KO’s and 1 lost TKO. Then he entered into the electrical apprentice training and became a master electrician, an A-Journeyman Class with #369 IBEW, Union and a member for over 50 years. Working at G.E, fell twice, one 30 ft. and 10 ft. Daylighter’s Club, boozing coach of his two sons, and others and won almost 50% and his two sons won the Ky Golden Gloves for three years. Forced school bussing started in 1975 and 1976 and him and the people was against it! 150,000 marching protesting in daily. He was elected, one of Ten as Marshall to control the people and the police from trouble. Then he got into politics, and ran for Sheriff of Jefferson Co. and won over three candidates, but lost. Divorced in Aug. 1977. My prayers to GOD and he gave me a good wife, did not know where? On thanksgiving weekend was asked by an electrician, told him his wife was from Monterrey Mexico and he called one of sisters of Monica and the family could show him around and later was married in Mexico. Then married in Port Arthur Texas Texico where he was working, then married again in Pastor Gentry, Victory Church on May 24, 1979. Built a new house on Waterson Tr. Lived there for 12 years and then moved back to Orange Tx in 1992 and then came to New Braunfels Tx. 1995 to present time.

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