ACM, My Other Man
ACM, My Other Man
In Love With Two Men At The Same Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The postcard read, “Don’t write no more, I may get a new address. Love U. ACM”

Alfred Clay Moore planned and carried out his suicide.
He needed answers to questions before he could leave, and it was his unaware best friend he turned to.
This is a love story between a young emergency room nurse and her aide, a self-taught man from the hollers of West Virginia, fifteen years older.
The story spans twenty years of their friendship: the games they played, the talks they had and the lessons they learned from each other. This is a heartfelt, poignant tale of a most unique relationship where role of teacher and student continually shifts from one to the other.
Although often touched by death in her profession, when she lost ACM, her other man, she had no coping skills for her own grief; she was empty for months.
In an effort to stay connected and able to feel him, she pulled out years of letters and pieced them together by date. Then with her morning coffee she re-read his words and traveled backward remembering, reliving and holding on to every moment she could.
Finally she understood the urgency of his need to feel completely secure and why he needed to know the answer to, “what would happen if…”
“ACM, MY OTHER MAN” pulls emotions from the heart, soul and mind. It’s funny, sad, even a little bit crazy, but very real to a West Virginia Hillbilly and “his nurse”.
This is one woman’s story of dealing with goodbye and a book for anyone who has ever lost a friend.
If you liked “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “Ghost”, you’ll love “ACM, MY OTHER MAN.”

"A warm, heart-felt story of a different kind of love between two of the most unlikely people you will ever meet. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll think about all the weirdo's in your life that you've met along the way.
Once you start the book it will be hard to put down."
Andy Petro author of "Remembering The Light Through Prosetry."

It looked ordinary, like so many boxes delivered in the past; however this one was different. This one wasn’t just a box; this one controlled and overwhelmed my emotions. The tears continued to pour, and I could feel my heart doing that familiar horrible, heavy, achy feeling again. After a forever minute, I wiped my tears and slowly reached down. I closed my eyes and my arms embraced it, and for a wonderful moment I could feel him.
In a state of numb awareness, I unlocked the side door and entered the house. My purse dropped on the bare laundry room floor, and the door slammed shut. I passed through the kitchen and into the living room to the small, empty table that stood against the wall. It was hard to let go. I took a deep breath, and then I placed the box carefully on the table. A perfect fit. I wasn’t surprised. Finally, I understood the reason for that table.
I stood still in a trance-like stare; then slowly my thought process returned and went backwards remembering the day I’d found that table. It had been a lazy, we-have-nothing-to-do afternoon, and my darling man and I were strolling Old Town. We wandered into one of our favorite shops, and I saw the table. It was just a table but as I walked, I kept looking back. I began having a hard time concentrating on anything else. It had a draw, a force that pulled me close.
I walked back to it. “I think I like this,” I said outloud but to myself. My words were like a big red flag being waved… a possible sale. The clerk moved quickly toward me already into her routine, “Interesting isn’t it? It’s a local artist’s idea of a barstool.”
“A barstool?” I was puzzled.
I stepped back to get a better look. It was a simple design—a bit over two feet tall with four straight legs and a top that looked like the lattice crust on a wonderful homemade apple pie but flat instead of bumpy. The finish was a nickel-looking polished and brushed metal. Nothing more, but something made me like it.
“Hmmm, I don’t need a barstool. Actually, I thought it was a small accent table.”
“Well now that you mention it,” went the pitch from the smiling saleswoman, “it does look like a table, doesn’t it?”
I needed another table like I needed a barstool with no bar but something inside of me wanted it, and I purchased without a second thought. We brought it home, and it was then that I took another look and wondered, What had I been thinking and what was the attraction? In truth, I could see it probably was meant to be a bar stool, simply by placing a cushion atop the lattice shelf which probably was in reality the seat, not a shelf.
It fit nowhere and matched nothing. Whatever possessed me to buy it, I had no idea. I wasn’t even sure I still liked it, but I knew I wasn’t going to return it. I felt an unexplainable need deep within to have it. I looked at it again and thought to myself, It stays. I’m not returning it. I’ll figure it out someday. Until that “someday”, I found an open spot where it could just be, and so it was, empty up against the wall for months. But now it stepped from the background and proudly held the box as if it had been waiting, existing for that purpose only. It was a perfect fit.
My eyes remained on the box. I wanted it opened. I wanted past the pain. I’d been rehearsing this moment since the call from his sister. Each time I used a different approach, but now it was real. None of the practice carried with it the true feel of the pain, and I found myself unprepared.
I walked away and tried to cover it all with busy thoughts, but it followed me. I knew no matter how long it took to open and pull out the memories, the pain was going to come. It had to. I knew that before I could smile and remember, I was going to ache for my loss. His name was Alfred Clay Moore. I called him ACM, and he was My Other Man.
Sue Fone lives with her Darling Man and two dogs in Northern California.
With her nursing career behind her, she turned to writing… a passion since childhood.
This is her first offering as a published author.

She kept her promise to her Other Man by writing a story about him.
In doing so she keeps his spirit alive.

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This was a wonderful Book..I am sure it will make me think twice before I judge because I would truly hate to miss out on my own "ACM". My other man was very well written, it was funny and it was very sad and when I was finished I was lost. I wanted more I don't think I will forget Alfred Clay Moore anytime soon.This is a "no put down" Book please read it I know you will love it as I did!

PS.I am waiting for the Day Sue Fone lets us know she has another in the works!
gail Kline 
This Book was sooo good. I laughed and I cried. I knew them both and it was like being with them. You warmed my heart Sue. If people dont read this they will be missing out on so much. You and Kilroy both are great teachers and I thank you for it.
I am completely blown away with this book! I read it in less than fourty-eight hours from the time it came in the mail. 10 + years in the making, I have been aware that this book was being created, as I am extremely close with the author. I felt how true she was to herself in every word of every page. Her description of everything is like I know her. I did not know ACM, I had heard his name multiple times over many years, but was unaware of the depth of their relationship. In all the years I have known the author, I wish I did know of their relationship like I do now. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel so many emotions and I could not put it down. I was taken on an incredible journey for the last two days with her words. I cannot even describe the way this touched my soul. I am so proud of her for keeping her promise to her "Other Man", and I know he would be so proud
k Linson  
Inasmuch as I know one of the parties involved, it was amazing to read of all their adventures. Ms. Fone's creativity, spice for life, hilarity and unconditional love brought so much to their relationship, especially in the final few years of ACM's life. Get your kleenex out, especially in the final few chapters as both parties deal with the finality of letting go of physical life, knowing that the spirit lives on eternally.
Betty A Beaubien  
This book was awesome. This book brought me years back to parts of my childhood, full of great memories. 10 years in the making and after reading the book, it seems like it was just yesterday. This book is excellent! It made me laugh and it made me cry, more than once. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great story based on actual facts! I am so proud of the author and I know that ACM is just as proud.
J Shamus  

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