Dona Paula
Dona Paula
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"Dona Paula" by Joseph Canisius Dias is more than just a historical romance novel set in Goa’s Portuguese colonial days--it is a fine example of quality writing about a young lady and an army officer. Paula, The lady-in-waiting to Lino’s wife discovers the Captain’s wife in an adulterous act with another man; Threatened, Herodiana is determined to get rid of her at any cost. With the careful weaving of true history with romance, "Dona Paula" is truly a pleasure to read.
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Joseph Canisius Dias is an Architect, cartoonist, sculptor, musician and a writer of articles, short stories and poetry in his spare time. He has illustrated many children’s feature stories which have been published in the local children’s magazines. His website also carries some of his work. Dona Paula is his first novel but there are many more in their editing stages. It is a historical romance set in 1667 Goa, the ex-Portuguese colony in India.
Kudos! What a neat way of thniknig about it.

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