The British Aestheticians Guide To Waxing The Twigs & Berries
The British Aestheticians Guide To Waxing The Twigs & Berries
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a fun, down to earth non-fiction professional manual for licensed individuals within the beauty industry or for beauty/cosmetologist students who are interested in the wonderful world of waxing, salon etiquette, sales and how to increase your tip jar! It is a practical yet lighthearted approach to waxing men and their privates, but the knowledge given can also be taken to other parts of the body, male or female as the knowledge, application and removal of wax can be used anywhere on the body.
To all my lovely professional readers who are licensed, or about to be licensed in the aesthetics trade, this isn't intended as your only training tool but one that should supplement DVDs and hands-on training classes with professionals already in the know before you let yourself loose on a paying client. This guide is here to provide some tid-bits of valuable information that you maybe didn't pick up in beauty school or in other areas of training once you became licensed. The content of this manual is meant to be informative in a fun and cheeky way and is focused primarily on waxing the male nether regions. After attending different waxing classes and talking with lots of other professionals so that I could learn what to do and what not to do and watching DVDs, coupled with hands-on waxing of male body parts over the years, I learnt very quickly what worked best for me. Essentially, I found that the application and removal of wax is no different to that of waxing the female nether regions and is not just limited to the sacred areas spoken of in this book. So, please by all means, take this knowledge of wax and its wonderful capabilities with you to all areas of the male/female body throughout your waxing profession. Some of the content written in the book isn't intended to offend anybody and, hence, why I have resorted to certain euphemisms. I am hoping it makes you snigger just a little bit and makes you feel more confident about this service and about the male anatomy when it comes to waxing. For any of you not familiar with some of the British phrases, there is a glossary at the end of this book to “translate” my meaning. Thank you for reading!
Claire Barnes' passion for the beauty industry began at the age of 14 in England where she worked in a salon on Saturdays, sweeping the floors, making coffee for clients, and doing other jobs. At 18, she began a hairdressing course at a local beauty school. After completing the 2,000 hour course, she realized her true passion lay in the skin/nail industry, where she then embarked on a beauty therapy course NVQ1 for a year. In 2001, circumstances brought her and her children to California, U.S.A, where she began an aesthetics course to help her focus on how the American beauty industry differed from the U.K industry as well as to certify/license her to take on clientele. Claire's enthusiastic, bubbly and approachable personality and love of people has led her to work in a diverse range of environments-from low-end salons to chic and trendy spas to mobile spa environments and high-end resort beauty and spa experiences. Her true desire to help others succeed has enabled Claire to develop an empathic nature when training new hires. Her years of experience led her to developing and publishing this book. Her down-to-earth sassy sense of humour and her ability to make people feel comfortable made the writing of this book very fun but also challenging as her key focus was to transmit her high level of professionalism successfully to her readers. Claire is also the founder of Premier Beauty Solutions, where her mission is to help all in the beauty industry find employment, Spa Uniforms and further education classes. You can find further education in the U.S.A by looking at her website.
This book is an absolute must for all aspiring waxers and experienced Estheticians. It was an incredibly entertaining and inspiring read full of Claire's infinite wisdom and humor which she has been generous enough to share with us all. Student or pro you will read real life stories of life in the 'wax lane' with lots of great tips and techniques to make us the best waxers we can be and keep our clients coming back for more! Jennifer Johnston

'Waxbitch' Michigan USA


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