Little Pine’s Christmas Story
Little Pine’s Christmas Story
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Little Pines only wish was to brighten up someones Christmas. However, his adventure was both exciting and disappointing. How could he be so happy for all the other trees when they were being chosen and it seemed he would be spending Christmas alone....on the lot? Little Pine was special. He had an awesome attitude and in the end his Christmas turned out to be a very happy and memorable one. His story will tell you how.
How could Little Pine stay so happy and upbeat when all the trees on the lot had been chosen but him? His only wish was to brighten up someones Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and he was running out of time. Would he have to spend Christmas alone on the lot? He felt so strongly that some one had a special place for him. Just before the lot closed there was a sudden turn of events and thanks to a kind farmer man Little Pines Christmas far exceeded his wish. Read what happened.
Having spent 40 years teaching and working with preschoolers in church, preschool and home day-care, I have found another passion..... writing about and illustrating my fond memories of the children. This is my second publication. I also enjoy reading historical and con- temporary books, working crossword puzzles and spending time with my family and friends. My husband and I live in Louisiana, MO.

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