The Return of the Tidal Flow of the Middle Passage
The Return of the Tidal Flow of the Middle Passage
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This book is a high profile reference book on the ordeal and ugly situations that befell the African continent; its people; its economy and why it was impossible for the continent to achieve much in the areas of scientific fit, natural development and social backwardness when is to be compared to other continents of the world. African people are never lazy folks as it was erroneously believed and propagated by some nationalities from other places of the world. If history was to be believed, African continent was one of the first places of the world where civilization and technology started even when others from other regions of the world were still looking for what to hold to support their walking exercise. Africa was one of the first fast growing Continent of the world in the acquisition of science and other human related knowledge, the study of solar system and other planets from its God given bank of knowledge. Universities of Timbuktu and Cairo is in a better position to attest to this fact from their records.The turn around of events that choked-up the people of the early generations of the continent began during the escalation of slave trade era. The relationship between an African person and their kings (Obas), the Chiefs and the Nobles on one hand and the down-trodden people that constituted the larger population of the community on the other created an un-level ground that benefited the former than the later. The advantage of absolute respect that the former was enjoying from the lower class was now being used on them when the trade was booming. African culture is a culture that gives absolute respect and honor to the elders and the well-to-do personalities among its community. When the hunting for slaves was at its peak in the West Coast of Africa for example, this class of well-to-do people were the intermediaries between the Oyinbos (white men) and the African slave traders who were then living at cities along the coast.
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Olu. Adeuyan is blessed with passion for knowledge search from the key geographical locations of the world. He received his B.Sc (Hons) Applied Geology from Kiev Geological College Ukraine in the Old USSR in 1971; LLB (Hons) JD Law Degree from the University of Wolverhampton - UK in 1995 and Master of Business Administration (MBA) Information Technology in the class of year 2000 from Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland - USA. He worked in various places at nearly all the continents of the world with world class Engineering Firms, private organizations and governments. He was one of the first indigenous geo-scientists that was deployed from the Geological Survey of Nigeria in 1971 to work with the Russian geo-scientists on mineral deposit investigations for the needed geological materials for the establishment of Nigerian Steel Complex at Ajaokuta - Nigeria. In 1976, he decided to opt out from the Federal government employment to establish his own private Engineering Consulting Firm - Goetek (Nig) Services a company consulting on soil engineering to Civil Engineering Firms in the country, investigation of underground water table and drilling of Boreholes for government agencies, public schools and investigation of mineral deposits for private companies. In 1991, he moved to the United Kingdom. While In London where he now sojourned, he worked for some Civil Engineering Companies on road and building work contracts as soil engineer and during this period in 1992, he registered at the university of East London to read Law. He later transferred to University of Wolverhampton where he completed his Law degree in 1995. After graduation, he travelled to the U.S. to join his children who were already living in America. On getting to America he sought employment with a reputable engineering company in Maryland (Engineering Consulting Services Ltd where he worked for a lenghty period of time before joining GeoSciences Engineering Consultants Ltd. His passion for knowledge search prompted him to enrole at Morgan State University in the MBA program of School of Graduate studies and at a record time he finished at the class of 2000 and went back to his employment before he finally stopped working in 2002 because of an acute heart ailment. He has been productively managing his time to write books and consult on business and some engineering projects. He has successfully writen six books on various topics on human development. He is blessed with children and grand children, some resident in the U.S and some in Nigeria, his country of origin. He has travelled to so many places of the world where he enjoyed friendship with responsible and articulate persons of diverse professional and cultural background. He is as well a renowned politician in his home base - Nigeria, Europe and America, also an elder in his church - Vine Yard of Comfort (CAC Worldwide). His hobbies are gardening, research and travelling.

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