Puppies for Sale: $25.00
Puppies for Sale: $25.00
A Collection of the Best Dog Stories Ever
E-Book (available as ePub, Mobi, and PDF files) What's This
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Winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of animals/pets. Puppies for Sale $25.00 is a book filled with fun, loving stories about the special dogs in my life. Each story shows their unique personality, funny habits, and sometimes crazy experiences that brought so much joy to our family over the years. It will make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all really make you want to go home and hug your dog. It provides inspiration to those who have loved and lost pets as well as help to create a feeling of respect and love with the pets that are still with us. Every animal lover should own this book. A portion of every book sold on-line will be donated to the Nevada Humane Society.
Xena was very energized and was in hunting form. Her pointed nose was stuck on the couch; her stance was that of a dog that was ready for the kill. Her tail stood straight on end with every bit of her long fur, feathered out from the rise. We could not figure out what she was looking for and as far as the boys knew, the bird went out the door. I searched and searched the couch and found nothing and heard nothing. I had to go back to work and the boys were also leaving to play outside. I phoned Bill and told him what was going on. He said he would look when he got home. A couple hours passed. I entered our home and when I came out of my kitchen and saw the incredible destruction of my once beautiful blue couch, I stood there in disbelief. Xena had chewed every inch of the reclining part of the chair as well as the whole back of the couch. Foam and fabric were strewn all over the living room. I did not call Bill. I figured I would let him too experience the surprise. Xena was still steadfast in her attempt to find whatever she was looking for. It appeared she was unsuccessful at this point in retrieving her hunt. She spotted me staring at her and quickly came over for a brief hello. She then swiftly went back to her post and continued the frantic behavior looking at me as if she wanted me to see something in the couch.
Rosalie Pope (Roe) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with her two older brothers Jeffrey and David. She currently lives in Nevada with her husband Bill, son Adam, daughter Nikki and their two dogs Marley and Joe Joe. Roe has been a pet owner all of her life. Each pet has had significant meaning in her life. One in particular, Xena, compelled her to tell their stories. Xena was her best friend and when she died, Roe’s grief was overwhelming. So much so that she began writing about her. She is a first time author. With the writing came much healing and happiness. Dogs bring such color to her life. These stories are fun, loving, and heart warming. They represent a member of the family and are part of our own history even more than you may realize at times.” These stories about all of our dogs over the years are to provide comfort, laughter, sadness, joy and a feeling of comrade to all of us who can relate in the trials and tribulations and most of all the rewards of pet ownership”.

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