Animals From My Window
Animals From My Window
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Jaqueline knowns that she is one lucky girl. She wakes up each morning to the sounds of her farm animals and she has so many of them. This picture book teaches pre-school children about the animals found on a farm and the sounds each one of them make. It is both educational and entertaining for a young child’s mind. Animals From My Window received Honorable Mention Award from Achieve The Dream.
My first book was on children's etiquette and manners called, The Power of The Magic Word.
Regina Gershman has been coaching adult and children's etiquette and manners for many years. She has always been interested in teaching and writing. Her first book, The Power Of the Magic Word, was written on children's manners about how one word can improve family relationships. She has published articles on personal image, children's self-esteem, etiquette, living with ADHD. She is a member of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performance organization (CANSCAIP). Regina grew up on a farm when she was a little girl and loves all kinds of animals. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her two sons and a cat named Frisky. This is her second picture book.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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