Press Ya' Bunk
Press Ya' Bunk
A Debut Novel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Young and naïve, Krystal Ashanti Ashford enters a new field: “The World of Corrections.” With her heart wide open and her good intentions guiding her, she winds up closing the one thing she truly needs: her eyes. Despite her eagerness to be an officer of the law and her willingness to help others, she falls prey to several dangers in the jail, with the inmates being only one of the many threats. It comes to light that almost no one can be trusted—especially the officers. Rumor has it that there’s a five hundred dollar bet against her making it through one year. Her pride takes over and now she must learn how to harden her skin, hold her head up high and still make the inmates abide by the rules; all the while watching her back to make sure she leaves the same way she comes in. Can she handle the pressure and prove all the haters wrong ?
Why can’t I focus? It’s not because Corporal Slogan was blunt and to the point. It’s not because Corporal Slogan made me wear a sweater. It’s not even because he told me I would be called derogatory names. It’s because there are two inmates in the hallway and they are staring at me. Staring is not a strong-enough word. Glaring at me would not be strong enough. They are gawking at me so badly that my palms begin to sweat vigorously. They are gawking at me so badly that my stomach is churning and I’m ten seconds from regurgitating on the jail’s floor. They are gawking at me so intensely that I can feel my clothes being torn from my body. I’m naked. They are touching me. They are fondling me…they are ready to rape me! I’m screaming, but no one hears. The blonde and Corporal Slogan are still conversing. One of the inmates is caressing my breast; the other inmate is ready to cut off my underwear. Stop it! Stop it! “Help! HELP!” ***** “Private. Private...Private!” I turn towards the blonde and she’s smirking at me, “It’s going to be okay. Stay focused!” She leaves us. Corporal Slogan is looking at me. I can feel that he wants to say something, but can’t find the right words. He wants to be gentle but to the point. He sees me constantly wiping my sweaty palms on the outer thigh area of my dark blue pants. He watches me pull out my handkerchief and pat at my upper lip and then my forehead. He must see that I’m about to faint, because he quickly pulls a chair up to the desk right in time for me to keel into it. He walks over to the two inmates and takes them around a corner. He comes back...alone, relieving ninety percent of my anxiety.
K. Abrams currently resides in Fort Meade, Maryland. She has acquired an Associate’s Degree in Law. She has been a Correctional Officer since 2000. She choose this career to try to make a difference in society. In her career she has seen and heard things that she will never forget, therefore she decided to write about the Correctional Field. Although this book is fictional it shows a different point of view, most books and movies shows this Field from the inmates eyes. She decided to use this book to show how officers have to deal with inmates and other officer's. She plans on writing 2 more books which depict the World of Corrections, each from a different angle.

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