Praise and Worship: Heaven's Address
Praise and Worship: Heaven's Address
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Following the path of the 21st Century Church, this season's transitional shifting within the church, presents the Body of Christ visibly standing on the precipice of the coming move of our Heavenly Father. In that position, it is imperative that these transitional shifts, or changes, are captured by those who are able to present, and interpret said changes to the church population. It is in those interpretations that members of the Body of Christ can capture the essence of the changes that help them to become an informed church. In doing so the manifested intent of our Heavenly Father, is revealed to the 21st Century Church for His glory and edification.

In her second edition of "Praise and Worship: Heaven's Street Address," Dr. Althea M. Brown adds to her already polished, literary compositions that are already being embraced by the Body of Christ. Capturing the relevance of a changing church. "Praise and Worship: Heaven's Street Address," along with her other works of, "Evangelism: Go Make.... (Matt. 28:19)" and "Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar," offer the components vital to the expression of today's Body of Christ. These expressions, must be embraced by the church so that the membership can experience the great exactness in the Dr. Brown's ability to interpret and process praise and worship for today's church. A close observation of this particular work, "Praise and Worship: Heaven's Street Address," prove Dr. Brown's willingness and ability to accomplish the task.

As you embrace this book and workbook combination, prepare to be engaged, enlightened, and empowered. Let it usher you into another realm of His presence.

Apostle Diane Chappelle
Detroit, Michigan

I participated in a praise and worship workshop facilitated by Dr. Brown and I personally experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. During the workshop, the healing power of the Holy Spirit touched us all. As participants, we knew that there was a message that should reach the masses; this is a gift that will touch all those who seek to deepen their relationships with themselves and reach the ultimate, which is true worship in the presence of our living Heavenly Father!

Rev. Debra Napier Thompson
Detroit, Michigan


DR. ALTHEA MARCHELLE BROWN is a theologian and college professor from Michigan whose educational pilgrimage has come full circle. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her three siblings and the second oldest to Laura (1935-2014) and William (1930-2009). She was raised by her second father Bishop Isadore Rowsey, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and mother Laura. She has two adult children, David and Krista, who both were born in Anchorage, Alaska. She is a graduate of the University of Detroit (1975), with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She earned a Master of Business Administration, from Central Michigan University (1981) in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and her Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University (1994) in Marietta, Georgia, where she also served as faculty. Currently, she is an adjunct professor for several colleges in Michigan and is an entrepreneur of Agape Connection Inc. She has sincere commitment to education and believes that it is a primary tool of empowerment.

She is a driven and committed follower of Jesus the Christ. Dr. Brown realized her Heavenly Father's call on her life could only be actively living Jesus the Christ's commandment "to Go forth and make disciples of all nations." She graduated from Turner Theological Seminary (2002), at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia, as valedictorian of her class, where she earned her Master of Divinity, with a major in New Testament. She subsequently earned her Doctorate of Ministry at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary (2006) in Detroit, Michigan. The title of her dissertation is Evangelism: Learning to Share the Good News in an African American Context. She is serving as an itinerant elder in the Fourth Episcopal District and served in the Sixth Episcopal District of the AME Church.

For over two decades, Dr. Brown's experience in active ministry, entrepreneur, CEO, and as a college professor has equipped her with the insight and wisdom to offer retreats, seminars, workshops, and/or Bible Studies that include book and workbook combinations such as this, Evangelism: Go Make... (Matt. 28:19), and Praise and Worship: Heaven's Street Address that serve as practical and authoritative resources for church leaders and practitioners in the ministry. Her works are relevant and insightful tools for those interested in ministering to the needs of this generation. Lastly, her seminars further demonstrate how the power of the Holy Spirit empowers the followers of Jesus Christ TODAY to persuasively impact the lives of others for the glory of our Heavenly Father! For more information, contact her at 888-777-4914, visit her and listen to an interview on YouTube with Atlanta Live (VTS 01 1 and VTS 01 2).

Dr brown's books are excellent study tools
Pat Clark 

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