Jack's Drift
Jack's Drift
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Jack's Drift is a funny and poignant look into the timeless art of fly fishing. Cahill takes the reader on a page turning 50 year fishing trip. You can fish from Florida to Alaska and from Vermont to California from the comfort of your favorite chair, as he leads you along the banks of legendary waterways. Drift along as fishing becomes the backdrop to the entertaining antics of both man and beast. Jack and company encounter everything from fish to bears and colorful anglers as they traipse their way through five decades in pursuit of that elusive quarry.Feel the wind in your face and the sun on your neck and the caress of the current that draws them to the fabled waters of the mountain west, It's a fishing tale for everyone and every time that touches the heart and the funny bone.
HO! BEAR!” It took another few steps in our direction. I joined in and threw a few baseball size rocks, to punctuate my "Ho Bears". I dropped my rod, drew my pistol and pepper spray. I didn’t want to spray or shoot it. First, a pistol round would have to be very well placed to kill, and second, I didn’t think I could place one that well. I had heard the stories about Alaskan bears shaking off a pistol shot, or the shots bouncing off their skull. And I sure didn’t want it close enough to spray. Most of all I did not care to have a pissed-off bear on my hands. I turned to Mudge for advice. He stood holding a police rated crowd fogger. It was a three-pound fire extinguisher of pepper spray. Really, it said “Crowd” on the label. It fired 35 feet. It was wind and rain rated. It was a big nasty can of bear mace and he was dying to use it. Just so long as I didn’t die for him to use it. The bear took a few more steps in our direction.
J. Wilfred Cahill is Real Estate Broker with fifty years of lake and stream fly fishing under his belt. He lives with his family in southwest Colorado above the banks of the historic Uncompahgre River. He spends his time gardening, woodworking,chasing his toddling grandson and of course fishing with Jack. Also by J. Wilfred Cahill with Malcolm Smith " I Never Liked Those C-130's Anyway" The riotous tale of a legendary Coast Guard aviator

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