Long, Dry Summer
Long, Dry Summer
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A riveting novel which will take you from hope to tears as the story follows the journey of a young man, Logan, trying to navigate through life's many challenges. After a brutal freshman year of high school, Logan has high hopes for his summer vacation. Unfortunately, as he tries to make all right in his life, life continues to get in his way. A life filled with heartache and tragedy haunts Logan as he struggles to find his purpose in life. Sadly, what turns out to be the biggest tragedy of his life is in allowing others to define his purpose and not having the inner strength to set his own path.
Sometimes it doesn't matter what you want. Sometimes it's just a matter of what is written for you. I guess that doesn't make anybody feel particularly happy. Especially not me. So far I don't like anything that has been planned for my life. Sometimes you just have to take control of your life the best way that you know how. Even though it seems like sometimes everything is going in the right direction, you are still being guided down your path. Your destiny. There's nothing you can do to change it. There's no escaping it. I thought everything was going to go well for me; however, it turns out there wasn't much planned for me. What is my purpose for being here? So far, I haven't figured that out. Nothing has been going my way. Sometimes I just feel like giving in and letting go. Why hold on to something that you don't have control of? I don't know. Life isn't fair. I try to make the best of things for now, with the hope that God has something bigger planned for me in the future. Looking at people so free and so happy; I pity them. What makes them so special? What do they have that I don't? A life. A job. A future. A home and family. Well, that's what they have that I don't. I guess I should just continue doing my daily tasks, even though there's no point in doing them anymore. My destiny doesn't seem too bright. There's got to be something better out there for me. I have only so much hope left. So for now, I wait.
Scott Orlando was born and raised in New Jersey. A magician since his early teens, he has transferred his creative talents from the stage to the pages of his first novel, Long, Dry Summer.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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