Lula Belle's Jewels
Lula Belle's Jewels
The Christmas Wish of Mrs. Claus
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Lula Belle Claus adds her name and Christmas wish to Santa’s annual Christmas list followed by a code of colored dots that Santa must decipher in order to fulfill her special request. With the aid of his special reindeer Sardonyx, Santa Claus creates and delivers the perfect gift for LulaBelle.

<.p>There were 13 days left before Christmas Eve when Mrs. Lula Belle Claus Questioned,” I wonder if I will receive My Christmas Wish?“ Never before had Mrs. Claus ever asked for anything; but this year, she had written her name at the very bottom of Santa’s Annual List, along with a code of 8 colored dots, followed by the remark, “That will sparkle and shine on Christmas Eve night!” Santa had checked his list twice, she recalled, and had shared most of the unusual wishes and requests with her ‘ often seeking her advice and ideas…but not this one! HMMM she wondered, and questioned..” Did I make it too difficult for him to decipher? My name WAS the last on the list; maybe he overlooked it entirely! I did print it VERY small, maybe he didn’t even see it! Mrs. Lula Belle Claus was fast coming to the conclusion that her Christmas Wish of seeing Christmas around the world through her own eyes and experiencing the all night adventure by reindeer drawn sleigh was fast remaining a heartfelt wish!

For centuries, you see, Mrs. Claus had listened to Santa tell the story of his annual Christmas Eve voyage around the world, the blizzards through which Rudolph and the team had flown, The smiles on children’s faces as they Slept and he always chuckled knowing how surprised he knew they would be on Christmas morning upon finding that special gift only Santa could bring. His descriptions of the fireplaces with an extra log to warm Santa’s hands. The variety of sweets and hand decorated cookies left under the tree along with a big glass of cold milk to warm his heart for the continuing journey through the night. Some left bags of carrots and grains for the reindeer and thank you notes in advance, for the gifts Santa was able to bring each year. Santa’s eyes twinkled as he described the lights adorning the houses and yards of big cities and small towns throughout the world. All the decorations on all the trees ; from the most elaborate to simplest. Glass crystals of every variety and color, to Simple painted pinecones. Family heirlooms and handmade children’s treasures of strung popcorn and colored paper chained garland. Memories of Christmas‘ past and creations for the future, all lovingly placed. All commemorating the magical season of love and joy.

Little did LulaBelle know that Santa had in fact seen her name at the very bottom of his annual list and had, with the help of Sardonyx, one of his prized reindeer, been able to decipher her code of colored dots and had understood her Remark. The task now, to find 7 additional bright and powerful, sensible and enduring, agile and surefooted, willing reindeer.

Lila O. lives on a little farm named Sunny Pines in Missouri where it is Christmas, everyday. She loves the outdoors and finds the inspiration for stories from all the animals who live in her big red barn. There are donkeys, llamas, dogs, cats, goats, big horses, miniature horses, reindeer and chickens. So look for lots of stories. She is the grandmother of five and works in a retirement center in her spare time. Lila loves life, children of all ages and, most of all, the magic of Christmas.


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