From Sports Fan to Sportscaster
From Sports Fan to Sportscaster
The everyman sports junkie turned announcer shares his thoughts on the job
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"From Sports Fan to Sportscaster" is written as if told to you over dinner. The stories are first-hand accounts of working as a Sportscaster at various sporting events. You will feel what it is like to be in the winning clubhouse of a playoff baseball team. You will learn what goes on when covering a sport and how headlines are made. For the sports fan who always dreamed of meeting athletes, announcing the big game or hosting a radio show...allow the author to show you what it would be like.
As the trip came to a close, we needed to prepare for our 12 hour flight back to Chicago. The last morning in the hotel, I went down to the food market inside to pick up some snacks for the flight. I am not sure why...after all there were 4 star chefs and a 7-11 on the plane but whatever the case, I decided I needed the junk food as did Brian, so we went to the lobby. When we got downstairs and entered the lot we both saw David Wright of the Mets along with a friend that he brought on the trip. Major League Baseball allowed each player to bring a set number of family members or friends that would accompany them during their time in Japan. Wright was there picking up some snacks as well along with a few sports drinks and more. Again, why were we all getting food when they were about to feed us 500 meals aboard the flight, I don't know. While picking out our food, Brian struck up a conversation with David who had just signed a 6-year 55 million dollar deal. He was officially moving to New York that off-season and was excited about the chance. As we all walked up to the register, the line formed. It was David Wright and his friend, me and then Brian McRae. David got his total and handed the woman a credit card. She told him she didn't accept credit cards. David checked his pockets and was out of Japanese yen. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't afford his own drinks and snacks. The third baseman for the New York Mets, who had just signed a multi-year deal with the club, was doing crazy advertisements on TV and billboards throughout New York and had just earned even more cash by winning in Japan had no way of buying his snacks. Standing behind him, I had some additional yen left over. I offered to pay for his stuff. He was so polite and cool about it. At first he insisted that he couldn't do it. He stressed that he didn't want to take my money. I listened to what he had to say but ultimately, there was no way I wasn't going to give him the cash. I told him that I couldn't hold onto the Japanese yen. What was I going to do? Just take it I said. After a bit of back and forth conversation, I eventually paid for David Wright to snack. I am being totally honest when I say that it is not a big deal. The fact that he just signed a big deal only adds to the story but David Wright is definitely one of the most humble guys in the game. He still insisted that he didn't want me paying for this stuff so he offered me American money in exchange. This time, I was hesitant but again, after a few minutes, he said is just 5 bucks, take it. So I did. Now, I was able to take my receipts seeing as it was a business trip. So once I paid, I was given my receipt...along with Wright's receipt that he didn't take and was attached to the top of mine. I held onto it for the story. Eventually, I did the conversion of cash and figured out that David Wright's snacks and drinks came out to 8 American dollars and that therefore, Wright owed me 3 bucks! The guy who just signed a mega deal with the Amazin's had technically owed me 3 dollars. Of course, I don't is not the money I wanted...I just love having the story. As I mentioned, David Wright is one of the nicer guys in the game...always available for an interview and that says a lot in New York...let's just hope he doesn't change.
"From Sports Fan to Sportscaster" is written by design to feel as if we're talking over dinner. Throughout the years, I've frequently heard about how much fun my job must be and that many people would love to get the chance to work in this field. Though I certainly agree with and appreciate these sentiments, this book goes deeper into the day to day work. In just over a decade, I've spent my time working in Major League Baseball. I covered numerous events including drafts, all-star games and playoffs for the NHL, NBA & NFL. Additionally, I've worked for a Minor League Baseball team as the on-field host. I've interviewed a countless number of notable names from Alex Rodriguez and Robert Redford to Jay-Z and Bud Selig. As a huge sports fan growing up, this field was a perfect match to get in to. However, with such a close knit family and a desire to start one of my own, there was a need to learn how I could make this all work. Vinny currently lives on Long Island in New York with his wife, Kara. In addition to maintaining work in the industry, Vinny currently teaches aspiring sportscasters how to develop their skills. He operates a training center and website where students can learn how to provide play-by-play of a sporting event, interview properly, host a radio show and more. For more information, visit

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