Simply Weird
Simply Weird
The (fake) History of Weird Comics Incorporated, A (fake) Comic Book Company
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Weirc Comic Incorporated (AKA WCI) is known for its odd characters such as Koltar The Mighty Immortal, The Crimson Protector, Moonchild, Captain Saltire and Claws Son of Santa. You could find out how such characters were created and about the lives of their creators...well you could if WCI actually existed. In reality William Robert Webb III has created a fictional hisory for a comic book company that never was. Here you can read about this completely made up yet fascinating company. At first the book Simply Weird: The (fake) History of Weird Comics Incorporated, a (fake) Comic Book Company will make you ask why was this written and then by the time you finish reading it you won't care.
On July 7th 1925 Waldo would become a family man when he married a woman named Jane Dodson whom he had met through mutual friends. Their first and only child was born on January 14th 1926 named Waldo Richard Winecrest III (who was referred to as Richard by everyone he had known except Waldo). Waldo was somewhat disappointed in Richard as a son to say the least. Waldo would often refer to Richard as “That Git”.
William Robert Webb III was born on Friday the 13th in the month of June in the year 1986. He has always had an interest in writing. Webb has also worked in film, recently working as a Camera Operator and Actor on the Horror movie PMS Cop.He currently resides in Springfield, Missouri and is friends with Missouri artist Ian Cambpell who Illustrated the cover to this book.

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