Trying To Score While Being An Athlete
Trying To Score While Being An Athlete
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Over the years the team won several championships and broke a lot of records that had never been broken. The only thing "Ro" could think about was winning and Sheryl, they were inseparable. Life was good until, the mean streets of Philadelphia robbed "Ro" of his dreams.Every decision he made had consequences,and he paid the price.
The streets of Philadelphia are paved with concrete,blacktop,and frustrations.Every moment of everyday is filled with temptations and challenges.The winters are long and blustery and the summers,hot and heated. How can a basin of water be the salvation in a climate such as this?The journey in a man's life is dictated by his decisions,and perhaps the decisions are influenced by his surroundings and how he responds to their calls.
Carl Boddie grew up and live in Philadelphia Pennslyvania, He is a certified forklift driver,new author,entrepreneur, and has a passion for detailing cars.He's an avid sports fan, and had a dream to become a professional athlete.However his surroundings and a few bad decisions lead him to failure. He served twelve years in prison for a crime he and (God)knows he didn't commit.Carl learned the hard way you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends.He is caring,loyal,outgoing,and a dedicated father to his children.He love to travel Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and L.A for major sporting events.

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