He stripped me to the bone
He stripped me to the bone
Living proof that letting Jesus Christ into your life will soften all the blows, no matter how hard hit
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This book has been in production for 20 long years and is now available especially for you! So let down your guard, set your ego aside, turn face forward and pay attention. Stop being rebellious because this may be your only opportunity to be told the truth. The awesome gift that has been written about in the pages between the front and back cover is completely free. This gift is much more valuable than any dollar you will ever spend or save in your entire life. I hope that you decide to read the message, and open your mind. Your heart will then follow and you will believe it. I pray that you do. This book is not about my life. It's about yours. I was instructed to tell you that this is all for LOVE. His love for you!
I lived for years being afraid to go to sleep at night. Most children are afraid of the dark and the monsters that lurk in the closet, outside the window or underneath the bed. You know, the monsters that do not really exist. For me, the monster was real. I could hear it and I could feel it. I knew it was there because that monster was me...--- I actually freaked out one night and told God that I wasn’t going to write it. “Find someone else to write this fucking book! I refuse!” “ I refuse to put myself through the pain of reliving my miserable life!”--- Bad, horrific, horrible things do happen to good people. They happen in small towns. Horror films do come to life. I know, I’m living one. I continue to live it every day of my life. It never goes away and dead people never come back no matter how many times you dream of them...
Author, Sharon King aka: Shari, 46, and her life story are everything but dull. As a matter of fact, her life has been a nightmare. One negative event after another beginning when she was only four years old and still, to date, she is being challenged by her life's circumstances. Challenge yourself, your beliefs, your doubts and your heart's true desires by reading this true story that is filled with sex, disease, near death experiences, sin, alcoholism, drug use & abuse, murder, Satanism and more. This has been her life. Rising above it all and being willing to share it with you is why she feels and believes she is qualified to be an accomplished writer, but most importantly...a believer and witness for the Lord. Everyone in this world seek the answers to the questions that arise from life's problems and pains. Many people crumble beneath the bad habits, addictions, lifestyle, and other negative choices they make that essentially only lead to a life of misery and sometimes even death. Sharon knows, by being a living example, that it does not have to be that way. Ms. King also knows that it has always been God's plan for her to write a book. A book that will grasp the attention of the reader with startling and strange facts coupled with truth that is sure to cause much controversy. By sharing her life with you she can prove that only God has the answers we are all looking for, and that all good things are guaranteed by accepting His son, Jesus Christ. Sharon currently resides in Northeast, Ohio, in the family home she purchased 19 years ago where she raised her two daughters as a single parent. She is employed as a bartender in a small town tavern located nearby in Northwest, Pennsylvania. UPDATE: As of September 2012, one year after the publication of this title, Sharon King has continued to pursue her dreams and by the grace of God alone, she now resides in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Sharon has again been blessed and lives in the Great Smoky Mountains where she intends to live quietly and peacefully until the day our Lord comes to take her home. Dreams do become reality! Sharon knows, she is living her dream now. Sharon is currently working on her next book titled: TUMBLEWEED, Dirt balls in the desert, as well as her third publication, titled: "I love my lovesick mind!"

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