My name is Ryan and I have Autism
My name is Ryan and I have Autism
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is about a typical family who learn that their youngest child is diagnosed with Autism. They struggle to understand and learn about Autism as they try to work together as a family. This is not a Hollywood story about millions of dollars going towards new research, organizing protests or trying expensive treatments. This is your everyday family who exhaust knowledge from any source that can offer help. Read about their heartbreak, daily struggles as well as innovative ideas to help them get through a typical day. For a glimpse into their world with Autism go to: (RLeyden1) to view a series of documentaries filmed by their (then) 14yrold daughter.
The D.A.N doctor prescribed about 10 different vitamins & supplements and unbeknownst to my parents it was a trial and error type of thing. Some of the supplements worked and some gave me really bad side effects. My parents had to report back to this doctor once a month with feedback. According to the blood work, I had a problem digesting casein (milk products) but I didn’t have a gluten (wheat) problem. The D.A.N doctor suggested they start me on casein free/gluten free diet. This diet meant that I couldn’t ingest any milk or wheat products. It sounded easy to my mom but she didn’t realize how almost all food have some type of milk and/or wheat products. My parents tried for a month straight but it didn’t work. My mom followed this diet to the letter and my dad was a little more relaxed about it and they often argued about this as well. I was extremely cranky on this diet because I was always hungry and I didn’t like any of the food they prepared for me. My dad was willing to give in a lot faster than my mom and finally my mom gave in. My dad told my mom that this wasn’t a cure and it wasn’t working. My mom cried and finally came to the realization that the autism was forever.
Rachel Leyden was born and raised in New York City. She graduated with a B.A in Forensic Psychology and is a retired Police Sergeant as well as a mother of four. She has learned about autism by attending various autism seminars & classes offered in Orange County, New York. She also attended a three week parent training course in St.Louis, Missouri. She worked with a Defeat Autism Now (D.A.N) doctor to find possible answers targeting her son’s diet as well as reading several books about autism in addition to her daily, first-hand experience living with autism. Although not an autism “expert”, Rachel is passionate about autism education and helping typical families with simple ideas just to make daily living a little easier. She considers herself an expert with HER son’s autism and encourages everyone who has a child with a disability to “become your child’s expert.” Rachel continues to educate herself about autism and helping others overcome their daily struggles. She lives in Orange County, New York with her husband, children and three dogs.
All I can say is "WOW" ..... and "YES" Mommy would be proud of you... You did a fantastic job xoxo
Susan Davis 
This was such a sweet book to read. I have a daughter with Autism & it really made me feel good to read that I wasnt the only one experiencing the difficult times. She had a lot of great tips & discussed things that I never knew like the sensory problems. It opened my mind to a lot of other symptoms! I felt like I was going through this journey with her! Thank You for writing such a great book!!
Susie Reynolds 
This book made me feel normal again. I wasnt sure if I was suposed to feel as sad as I was or if I had the right to feel angry. Thank You for humanizing parents of Autism! It is ok to feel the way we feel. I appreciate the ideas also. I hope you write another book-very inspiring! Mike
Mike Kenney 

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