So, You Have a Dream...Now What?
So, You Have a Dream...Now What?
It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and make your dreams a reality!
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Do you have a dream? Are you pursuing it? Is there a man in your life who has a dream, but they are simply waiting for it to happen? This book may be just the inspiration that you or that special someone needs. In "So You Have a Dream...Now What? A Man's Guide to Dream Pursuit.", Michael Ford II discusses practical ways to move closer to dream fulfillment while applying scriptural references that will help dreamers in their pursuit. Within the pages of this brief, yet engaging manuscript, you will find humor, personal testimonies, and inspiring dialogue that will certainly help any reader propel themselves to the fulfillment of their dreams; all while pleasing God in the process. The first step in the process is opening this book. Go ahead; turn the page and begin the journey.
Because life has no guarantees, we should be more concerned with living in our moments. Many times, we look at life in days, weeks, and years instead of moments. For the dreamer, this is a mistake. The dreamer must learn to take life one moment at a time. If you’ve ever watched a ball game, undoubtedly, you’ve heard a broadcaster say something like, “The momentum has shifted to the home team with that huge play!” Momentum is something that can shift an entire game in the behalf of one team or the other; many times, based on one play. In a football game, all it takes is a timely interception. In a basketball game, it may only take a steal and a fast-break dunk that brings the home team crowd to their feet, and turns a close game into a blow-out. One play. One moment. All you need is one momentum-shifting play! One play can make all the difference! Remember, it’s all about the moments. When we take advantage of our moments, we begin to shift momentum in our favor. One immediate and deliberate change can be just the thing that you need to draw yourself closer to the success that you envision for your life.
Michael Ford II, minister and CEO of give God glory Apparel (, is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision; to see men from all walks of life achieve their dreams of success and prosperity. Michael has come to a place in his life where he realizes that his dreams are solely his responsibility, and no one, except himself, can set the ceiling for how high he can reach. Over the past few years, it has become his passion to help other men turn their potential to effort, and their effort into success. Hence, this book. Michael lives with his wife, La'Shon, and their two children, in Saginaw, MI. He enjoys reading, writing, singing, playing basketball, and video games. To contact Michael, please visit his official website at

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