And The Tigers Come AGAIN
And The Tigers Come AGAIN
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And The Tigers Come Again, is the second book in a planned trilogy. Book One dealt with, and walked the reader along, what Basil called, The Prostate Path, from Diagnosis to ultimate surgery. It was highly acclaimed, highly amusing, and extremely light hearted look at a serious subject. A MUST read for any man who has faced the prospect of Prostate Cancer
Whereas Book One (And The Tigers Come At Night) traced the journey from dianosis to operation, And The Tigers Come Again deals with the aftermath, the treatment, an hilarious recording of interplay with fellow sufferers, and an hilarious account of being arrested for money laundering, and spending thirteen hours in a police cell. No-one who reads this book could fail to be amused. The book. is in many ways, a reflection on life, and looks at those things which are important. Basil Jay shows a level of philosophical acceptance of his lot which will bring comfort to many. The book treats a serious subject with a great dgree of irreverence. However, within its pages are many pointers which will make this frightful illness completely bearable,
Basil Jay was born in London in 1942. His mother was a war widow…nonetheless he had a privileged childhood in the wonderful holiday town of Margate. After a brief spell as a keyboard player in a little known, 1960's rock band he qualified as a surveyor. In the early seventies he took a year out and, with his wife Polly, and three small children followed the beautiul route, overland to India and back. On his return he picked up the threads of busines, but though succesful, his heart was always in Music and the Amateur stage. Suceass in business enabled him to ritre at the early age of forty-eight. And The Tigers Come Again, is Basil's fifth published book, but in addition he has compiled and recorded two anthologies of Poetry. The Great Poets, and The Soldier Poets, for which he also composed the background music

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