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Your book is the first that gives hope. Anthony L. At last, everything makes sense. This may have saved my life. Merrill P. Yes, our world is in a monstrous MESS: - fear, violence, corruption - faked scientific data, religious hypocrisy, secular despair - evil at the highest levels, permeating every facet of our daily lives WHY ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE SUFFERING? Why is there so much injustice? What can we do? PLANET HIJACKED: A murderous mob have seized control. They have chilling plans for you and your family. But a powerful figure is set to smash their agenda. Meanwhile, simple steps will guarantee your survival. The RESCUE program: Some are already pre-tasting its benefits and will survive. But because it threatens the covetousness, corruption and careers of an elite, they have deceitfully manipulated every aspect of our society – mentally conditioning us to doubt, ignore or reject this survival strategy. Hence, most are unaware. Actionable BENEFITS: This is about your most precious possession – your life… • Its purpose • Where you came from • How to enjoy a fuller, happier life now • How to survive the coming crisis • How to live long enough to achieve all your dreams… then more Inside: $100,000 to disprove the thesis of this book
Eleven year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was snatched at a bus stop. For the next 18 years, she was held in captivity, but apparently did not try to escape and, over time, developed a close relationship with her kidnapper. Her stepfather said that she “has strong feelings with this guy” and “feels it's almost like a marriage.” (Laura Fitzpatrick, "A Brief History of Stockholm Syndrome," Time, Aug. 31, 2009) After 10 months in the hands of a kidnapper, Shawn Hornbeck called police to report his stolen bike. The captive gave his first name, Shawn, and as his last name the surname of his abductor, Devlin. (Ibid.) He stayed with his captor three more years, never escaping even while the man was away working at his two jobs. There are many reported cases of victims becoming bonded to and even feeling compassion for and loyalty to their captors. There are many reported cases of victims becoming bonded to and even feeling compassion for and loyalty to their captors. In Stockholm, Sweden, two thieves held four bank employees hostage at gunpoint in the bank's vault for six days. “When the victims were released, their reaction shocked the world: They hugged and kissed their captors, declaring their loyalty even as the kidnappers were carted off to jail.” (Ibid.) Psychologists think the victim comes to perceive the captor as the one controlling survival and life itself. Thus the victim aligns with the captor out of pure self-interest. We acquiesce to……………………………………… our controllers Uncommon? No. In a broader sense, most of us without protest agree with those who have come to dominate our culture. From infancy upward, external influences help shape our values. Most people do not question the worldview which is imposed upon them, assuming that what they think and practise is simply the way it is. When challenged, they often defend themselves. They are held captive to their thinking – which they don't realize is often seriously off track. Villains have seized control Most are not aware that our world has been taken captive. Forces hostile to us have taken over our planet – our courts, our governments, science, education, the media, the entertainment industry, the medical industry, the legal and illegal drug trade, and they have infiltrated mainstream religion as well. And we have fallen victim to the same syndrome as a kidnap victim, passively identifying with our malevolent captor! Strange, but true! Our whole world has been held captive for thousands of years – and we have come to identify with our captors. Firstly, as New Zealand government figure Murray McLean admitted to me, “We are not the ones in control. We are following the directions of internationalists outside the country.” And they, in turn, are controlled by others …unseen, whom we shall identify later. It is they who are plunging our world into its current financial crisis. They need to collapse every nation’s economy, so they can replace it with their One World Government. A Conspiracy Theorist statement? No, it is a statement of fact. They control the shadowy Bilderberg Group, a financial, political and corporate elite who, at a meeting in Greece in mid-May, 2009, agreed that in order to continue their drive towards a New World Order, the US Dollar has to be “totally” destroyed. The extermination plot Not only that. A frightening agenda is currently being put into operation – to eliminate most of this world’s population. New World Order planners say this needs to be done, so they can have their Utopia world. In 1974, in an address to the National Security Council, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger presented 2 billion people as the desired level of reduction, but in fact the depopulation policy may seek a 2-4 billion reduction, or up to two thirds of the world's population. This depopulation policy is intended by the world's ruling elite to result in control of mineral and strategic resources and water and total control of the world's wealth. (“Implications of world wide population growth for US security & overseas interests”, National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974)……………………………… By 1979 depopulation was the top priority of US national security policy, as outlined in the national security paper Global 2000 written by Rockefeller contractors Henry Kissinger, Z. Brzezinski, Gen. Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie for President Carter. We now see a progressive enacting of this plot in the stealthy release of biological/genetic/recombinant DNA weapons, such as AIDS, swine flu, forced vaccinations in third world countries, and now systematic use of depleted uranium. Their propaganda has already moulded society’s thinking. The people continue to remain, for the most part, blissfully unaware of what has happened and continue to believe the litany of Globalist lies being poured upon them by their propaganda media organs, never once raising any objection to billions of dollars being poured into perpetuating their ignorance. No, the issue is NOT just a whole lot of different organizations. ONE CHIEF PLAYER and his gang controls them all. This chief player – the Lucifer Legion – has taken our planet hostage. Its human globalist puppets are now strategically placed throughout the highest levels of power. And, for the most part, we are acquiescing as they influence our lives. Unaware of the issues, most of us live in sympathy with our kidnappers. There is a rescue plan Why am I writing this? Because I hate to think that you and I are being cheated out of what a former editor of the Los Angeles Times called “a world scoop”. Glimpsing its importance, he asked in astonishment, “Why are you sitting on this? The world needs to know it!” There is a rescue program. Ask yourself. If a credible, trustworthy and all-powerful world figure were to show you a foolproof strategy guaranteed to end the current violence, corruption and misery, would you be interested? And if he had also cracked the secret to life extension beyond your wildest dreams – with pain-free, productive, enjoyable living – what would that be worth to you? Well, not only is such a rescue program currently under way, but the hijackers of our planet know it. They and their Globalist puppets are determined, if possible, to (a) sabotage the operation, and (b) stop us from learning about it. The colossal cover-up …...………………………….. That’s why I’ve called this the Forbidden Secret. And, as unlikely as the connection might seem on the surface, these people are right into the origins debate. As already noted, they control the scientific community, the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and they have infiltrated mainstream religion as well. They are aware that your knowledge or ignorance about your origins could definitely affect your chance of life extension. Why is this? You will see why, as we proceed. Sufficient to say, it’s vital that first you get your origins facts right. No matter what the popular theories, it is the facts that decide the day. Turned off by fake religious people? I understand. So am I. But this is not about religion or non-religion. It is not just about a religious viewpoint (atheistic, agnostic, New Age, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or whatever). It is not about that. It is about a spiritual war being waged against us. It is happening in your own home town or district. This is a conflict of epic proportions. And of such importance that not a single person alive on this planet should ignore it. Why?– because it could affect your future… personally. I promise you that a long, thorough investigation has been undertaken to guarantee the integrity of this information. Facts which can be tested underlie each point. So certain am I that the over-all thesis is correct that I hereby offer $100,000 to anyone who can disprove it – either to be retained by the claimant or donated to his/her nominated charity.
Jonathan Gray is a globally recognised researcher, author and speaker of 44 years' experience on international affairs. His world-wide radio audiences number tens of millions. The author has hosted newspaper columns and contributed to numerous magazines.

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