Señor Smarty Pantaloons and the Mystery of the Missing Teachers
Señor Smarty Pantaloons and the Mystery of the Missing Teachers
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Get to know Señor Smarty Pantaloons, who comes to the rescue when strange situations occur in the town of Foxaloon. This colorful tale involves happenings at Foxaloon Elementary School, where Foxanna Powerpaws is the principal. Created by two elementary teachers, this clever and unique story aspires to instill imagination and creativity in children of all ages.
Regina Davis was born and raised in Long Island, New York and now lives in Virginia Beach. She received her B.S. in Education from St. John's University and her M.A. from Hofstra. Regina was Reading Teacher of the Year at Newtown Road Elementary in Virginia Beach and is a member of the International Reading Association. She enjoys writing poetry and her poem "Tomorrow"was published in "Across the Universe" in 1996. After teaching elementary school for thirty-seven years in New York and Virginia, she recently retired. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and travel. She loves animals, especially cats!

Carolyn Spencer is a lifetime resident of Norfolk, Virginia. She received her B.S. in Art and her B.S. certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Old Dominion University. Carolyn taught kindergarten, Title 1 kindergarten, first, and second grades for almost thirty years in Norfolk and Virginia Beach and served as a career teacher. She is a member of the International Reading Association. Her hobbies include golf and travel. This quote expresses Carolyn's view on children and art: "My favorite thing about children is their individual creativity! I love to see children create their own style of art with such ease and enjoyment."
Pacific Book Review

Written as if it could be a storyboard for a new episode of the blockbuster hit movie Zootopia, co-authors Regina Davis and Carolyn Royer Spencer have created a wondrous world of animal creatures in Señor Smarty Pantaloons and the Mystery of the Missing Teachers.

Illustrated with somewhat creepy creatures of wolves, sheep and foxes transformed into an elementary school setting with robots and police, this story becomes a "Who done-it" with fanciful imaginary situations. When the school Principal Foxanna Powerpaws asked the teacher Mrs. Shelia Sheepshank to come to her office, nobody anticipated she would get balled out for losing a library book! The next day Mrs.Sheepshank failed to show up for work. The same scenario happed to another teacher, again resulting in her not coming into school the following day. What happened? They never missed a day of school in the past - now why all of a sudden are two teachers missing? Time to call in the authorities to investigate this possible crime.

With predators and pray, the possibility existed the teachers were eaten! (Yuck!) But those things happen in the animal world, plus Foxanna Powerpaws looked as if she put on a little weight recently. Ok, enough said about the plot. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise ending, but I'll give you a hint - it has to do with jellybeans!

The story in the Señor Smarty Pantaloons series of books is light-heartily told by these two authors, each having many years of actual educational experience in the real world of schooling children. The combined use of storytelling techniques, especially geared to the youngsters which would giggle and be in awe of such imaginative events create a theatre in their minds with elements of drama, humor and inquisitiveness.

Available as an e-book or a perfect printed soft cover, Señor Smarty Pantaloons is a key character, which adorns the pages of the series of illustrated children's books. Suitable to be read to toddlers going to sleep, or having this as one of their first books to read in their library, the slightly bizarre and imaginative stories will be having children looking differently at their pets, as well as the animals in the zoo.

Kudos go out to Davis and Spencer for their thoughtfulness in gentle storytelling and to Spencer in creating quite impressionable drawings done obviously by her human hand; rather than all of the computer generated graphics which kids are so accustomed to nowadays.


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