Mama Lily
Mama Lily
and The Cassadaga Hotel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Mama Lily and The Cassadaga Hotel is a true, heartwarming story about a brave little cat who had a litter of kittens under The Cassadaga Hotel, a respected spiritual sanctuary which dates back to the 1920's. Mama Lily shares her love for her kittens and their journey to find a special person to love.
Blitzi liked the warm, soft Florida sand. And she liked bugs. And, Blitzi didn’t want anything to change. Then, one day, everything changed.
The Reverend Dr. Suzanne DeWees is an Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Healer and Teacher, ordained as a Spiritualist Minister through the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp (S.C.S.C.M.A.) where she lives with her husband and Mama Lily.
Mama Lily is a jewel for young readers! If you've just adopted a pet, loved a stray animal or know the value of "your own place to be loved" then this book is for you. It reads with quiet ease and sneaks right into your heart-much like kitties do! A definite recommend!
Kathleen Moore 
This is a very, tender magical story about a stray cat, Lilly, in a spiritualist community.It is based on facts. Every cat does need a special person. I am the special person to Lilly's grandson, Pooky Bear. The author is God's gift to kitties.
jeanette strack-zanghi 
I recommend this sweet book to all parents and grandparents to read to their teaches how to love and be loved.the beauty of the words like soft sand and velvet coats, will warm the story of these adventurous and loving kittens...and their mama Lily
barbara campbell 
heartwarming - gentle language and story - celebrates love between creature and human friend - leaves room for imagination to explore feelings and imagine adventures - look forward to a seqauel of the adventures of Blitzi and kits too!

Absolutely adorable. I happen to know "Pippin" and I loved visiting his "family tree". So cute.
Toni Blankenship 
The Cats of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida are as famous as the Hemmingway Cats of Key West. Suzanne's true story of Mama Lily, a calico cat who raises her family under the landmark hotel is a delight. You'll be purring in no time by this tale, as will the young person with whom you share this tender journey. It is my hope that you are blessed one day when a kitten chooses YOU to love.
Susan R. Forbes, Ed.D 

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