Africa's Turmoil, Miseries and Poverty
Africa's Turmoil, Miseries and Poverty
The Sour Sown Seeds of Political Hate and Destruction of Colonial Imperialism
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The time of the truth has finally come for one, cannot suppress the truth forever. It is about the unspoken implications of Africa’s totalitarian regimes, under the umbrella of colonial imperialists, with their wicked stooge leaders, with insatiable appetite for power rage to crush people’s freedom now as it has ever been. Those who dare resist Colonial oppression, they paid the price. People all over, have endured relentless brutality conspired by wicked politicians, whose occupations and purpose is to misuse power to justify their lust for vengeance. Nobody can escape their wrath, as the seed of treachery and political contamination of mind and soul, was apparent from day one Africa was invaded by the West. Resisting imperialism could be incredibly painful, devastating and catastrophic, and could wreak lives today, as it has ever been. Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of Zaire, was first victim of resisting fascism and his penalty was death in 1961. Steve Biko, the NAC leader of S.Africa, paid ultimate price for fighting apartheid, while N. Mandela and Mzee Kenyatta of Kenya, escaped narrowly with detention. Kings, Mwanga and Mutesa of Buganda and Dr.Kwame Nkruma of Ghana, also paid ultimate price for resisting fascism of the Colonial Imperialism.
As I embark on my journey into a second phase of political history of Uganda’s affairs and Africa. This time, I would like to pay particular attention on matters affecting my mother-land region Buganda, because I am a typical Muganda by blood and by birth and culture. I would also wish to highlight this information that, it is no longer a hidden secret that the early colonial powers in East Africa are entirely to blame for the on-going Buganda turmoil and miseries today and as ever at the time the British powers moved out leaving a vacuum of chaos with the dictators they deliberately planted to bring down the Buganda’s rich institution. Arguably, it would be acceptable to say that experience breads wisdom, knowledge and probably confidence, for this therefore, my awful trails of life from childhood through adulthood are incredibly regrettable to me, however, this remarkable experience has been a fundamental part of my mysterious survival. The incredible chilling experience has moulded me into a real personality, who I am now, and inevitably, I have emerged a much stronger, wiser and recognised writer or author to be passive, which was a dream to me years ago. I would also admit that my daring adventures against the jaws of hell have climbed to new heights for, there is no compromise regarding what has really happened in my country and who did it which is relatively compared to putting a muzzle of a loaded pistol into my mouth. Understandably, exposing the wickedness of some tyranny leaders especially in Uganda and elsewhere in the world, in my first book of Uganda’s Political Turmoil post Idi Amin could be terribly devastating and dangerous, but I clearly understand all the implication involved, although, at this moment, I chose to risk my life as my dear fallen colleague heroes did and carried the sword to their grave. I am very sorry if you missed this book but you still have a chance to read it if you order it from or I would at the same time wish to let you know that, when I intend to tell the truth to the world, especially what has really happened in my country, I will not waver away from the truth because there is no room for compromise with the truth about my country Uganda, so forget about scaring me off, it won’t stop me from writing the truth. Suppose one deems to take me out, this will only make matters worse for it will make the head-lines in the newspapers all over the world to make the author an unprecedented hero of Democracy like the late Martin Luther King of America. This confirms that my confidence has leapt to new heights, even to the point of risking danger to my life. Arguably, you leap what you sow, so I may not regret that much for whatever comes, but my priority is to put the message across to those concerned, I mean Ugandans who are under this torture chamber for ages and ages to come and are suffering in silence. How about those people who left Uganda years ago because of the tyranny reign and have sought refugee abroad, they hardly know exactly what has happened to their dear relatives they left back home, so in this book, there is a chance to pass the message across to who ever missed what happened in the last three decades ago and of course what is taking place today. However, I would emphatically thank my creator, God my guardian angel, to whom my success and survival and transformation so crucially depends. My last born by the name Jacque, has been a bundle of energy to keep me going all the way throughout my burning desire I have nursed for a decade to write a book of history about my country Uganda and mostly Buganda. I am so proud of her for without her, this phenomena assignment would have been impossible to accomplish. I would also like to dedicate my book to my dear family especially my long gone-bye dear mum Rosera Namuddu, who could not take the stick to wait any longer to witness my tortures by the political tyrannies of our dear country Uganda. I am therefore humbled to salute her beyond her grave.
“Mica Kiribedda” apparently is the sole author of the incredibly amazing book of relative revelations and unspoken live encounters against the jaws of hell, that readers were left sobbing with unspeakable bewilderment. The book is” Uganda’s Political Turmoil post Idi Amin” Mica, is a unique war veteran character, with unspoken past of thrills and spoils one after the other. He wonders what the future holds for him at the time of so much uncertainty. He was stumbling out of one crisis into anther. He was stumbling out of one crisis into another, one missed opportunity after another. He has survived unspeakable ordeals one after another, by the skin of his teeth, but with a bit of luck and certainly, God’s hand was involved. Mica sadly laments that, due to the sour sown seeds of hate and destruction left behind by the Colonial stigma, Buganda Kingdom in Uganda, which was once a famous enlightened kingdom in Africa, is now on the throes of its final decline into the rubbish heap designed first by the Colonial powers, but as of now, it is due to be accomplished by their planted political stooge, the war mad tyranny ruler of Uganda, Gen. Y. Museveni , who undeniably, inherited the hate and destruction machine from the political masters . Mica’s outspoken remarks in great agony,” I cry for my motherland Buganda, for all its fabulous admiration, adoration and gratification has finally collapsed due to the hate attitude of the current NRM leader, a foreign fascist dictator, who has totally and utterly ruined the country.” “May the Almighty God save BUGANDA and her desperate people, Amen”

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