Life's  'ANSWER'
Life's 'ANSWER'
A Life Changing Message of Assurance and Challenge
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning, they need a driving force or motive within themselves to spur and encourage them every day. Ultimately people are looking for some form of gain, adventure, fulfilment, enjoyment or challenge, and this may be expressed as a search for the answer to a worthwhile life and this book points the way to it. [63] It includes how to get the best out of life, or make a new start, and shows the steps to be taken using a personal, not formal approach. However, many others make the above claims, but the pathway given here is progressive, offers positive hope and security, and is based on the Christian Faith. (54) [117] The second part of the book provides backing for the earlier claims and goes much further by taking a detailed look at the Christian Faith using biblical scriptures, notes and quotations to explain the main elements of the Faith. It assumes no prior knowledge and avoids jargon. (47) [164]
This book has been written for those who want to find the answer for a fulfilled worthwhile life, want to get the best out of life or make a new start in life. This quest includes those who are thinking that there must be more to life than their present experience, and also applies to those who are looking for a satisfying purpose in life with positive hope and security. It addresses those basic questions that most people would like to ask, but hesitate to do so for various reasons. To realize these aspirations a series of progressive steps are set out that lead to achieving the desired result and provide an opportunity to achieve these goals whatever their past or present lifestyle or circumstances, and as these questions affect us all the solution applies to all.
The book is written out of a lifetime’s experience of living as a Christian with over twenty years as a church elder. A family man living mainly in London who has daily read the scriptures and has always wanted to share with others the vital truths of the Faith. (49)

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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