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WHAT GOES AROUND ... COMES AROUND! Well, at least thats the case of the story of three teenage kids who stumble upon some trouble ... what do you do when someone forces you to hand over your goods? what would you do? A tale of courage told through a mixture of rhymes and poems, showing the very best of what we are.
BOAW is a book that is for those that find it hard to stand up for them selves and shows what happens if you defiantly stand your ground. Everyone has their own view on how they may handle or run into difficult problems, BOAW is just one of those key examples. Follow me on twitter, No1Jargon.
The school I went to was extremely diverse and that feeling has helped me look at people in one vision and at the same time appreciate everyone for who they are. The book I have chosen to write about is something that runs very deep with me and is something of a big issue. I feel the only way I can communicate my frustration is by using the tools and skills I have developed (illustration) through my years and to put together a book based around the attitudes of bulling and stereotypes. When growing up I was a very quiet person who always enjoyed a laugh and joke with friends but never thought of myself to be the type of person to shine or stand out. By me putting this book together I just want to help be part of tackling a growing problem in the only way I can. The thing is bulling doesn't come with a particular restriction, anyone and everyone can be the target. I was born in England and art was the one thing that has remained constant with me through my life. My mother, Rita Simuyuni has been a tower of strength from the moment I was born all through to my years telling me that there is nothing that you can't achieve. Her strength and determination in all she does is the exact reason that I'm the person I I'm today and for that I thank her. This book is dedicated to my mum, my family and friends. Never allow yourself to become a victim.
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midgniht oil.
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midgniht oil.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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