A Rainbow Collection Dawns
A Rainbow Collection Dawns
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Rainbow Collection Dawns is most inspiring in our quiet moments, is positive Christian prose exploring life through rhythms and rhyme. Uplifting, positive, and straightforward,Philoetry™ is sometimes challenging, yet brings encouragement with understanding through difficult times, to eternal hope.

Just as a rainbow is full of many colors, so our life is full of many expressions. Our spiritual life, like the rainbow, seems illusive, yet it is real, for though we cannot hold a rainbow or God in our hand, both are a dazzling part of life. Philoetry™ expresses where spirit and world unite.

Just as the rainbow appears in the light of the sun, so God’s love comes in the light of His Son, Jesus Christ. Just as the Holy Spirit teaches us through many aspects of our daily life, so poems come as inspiration in prayerful times. The thought-provoking rhymes express a philosophy that respects our eternal well-being and speaks of God’s love.

The Holy Bible is the foundation from which millions draw life’s instruction. Each poem has Biblical references for the sacred exploration of God’s Holy Word, showing us truth in clarity, for the miraculous power of God’s promises to come into our living, taking us into eternity.

The title of A Rainbow Collection Dawns came about from the author’s love of nature as God reveals Himself through it, also from special events in the author’s life graced by the presence of rainbows, and from Reverend Jesse Jackson’s inspiration in the Rainbow Coalition of humanity in loving, respectful unity.

A Rainbow Collection Dawns is one view of God living through one life, expressed in an art form that shares a witness and testimony of a contemporary life, where spirit and humanity unite.

A Rainbow

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