A Rainbow Collection Dawns
A Rainbow Collection Dawns
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A Rainbow Collection Dawns is most inspiring in our quiet moments, is positive Christian prose exploring life through rhythms and rhyme. Uplifting, positive, and straightforward,Philoetry™ is sometimes challenging, yet brings encouragement with understanding through difficult times, to eternal hope.

Just as a rainbow is full of many colors, so our life is full of many expressions. Our spiritual life, like the rainbow, seems illusive, yet it is real, for though we cannot hold a rainbow or God in our hand, both are a dazzling part of life. Philoetry™ expresses where spirit and world unite.

Just as the rainbow appears in the light of the sun, so God’s love comes in the light of His Son, Jesus Christ. Just as the Holy Spirit teaches us through many aspects of our daily life, so poems come as inspiration in prayerful times. The thought-provoking rhymes express a philosophy that respects our eternal well-being and speaks of God’s love.

The Holy Bible is the foundation from which millions draw life’s instruction. Each poem has Biblical references for the sacred exploration of God’s Holy Word, showing us truth in clarity, for the miraculous power of God’s promises to come into our living, taking us into eternity.

The title of A Rainbow Collection Dawns came about from the author’s love of nature as God reveals Himself through it, also from special events in the author’s life graced by the presence of rainbows, and from Reverend Jesse Jackson’s inspiration in the Rainbow Coalition of humanity in loving, respectful unity.

A Rainbow Collection Dawns is one view of God living through one life, expressed in an art form that shares a witness and testimony of a contemporary life, where spirit and humanity unite.

A Rainbow Collection Dawns Samples Philoetry™ by Linda Fredrick  Love’s Light Shines Love and the art of it, humanness and the exploration of it, make life worth living. Love is the fullness of our life, clears our mind, aligns our character with God’s grand design, lifts our spirit to freely join with Him, with others, in joy and vitality.... 16 …the LORD, …makes a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters. Isaiah 43:16  Descending Lights Dare to live. Dare to be. Dare to live in God’s grace, shining for all to see… Dare to live your whole life story.... 4 What is man, that You are mindful of him? Psalm 8:4  Summer Isn’t Forever Can you hear it blowing? The wind through the trees, whisking off the ocean, is the winter’s breeze, not chilling my soul, only letting me know there are seasons to be turned, lessons to be learned.... 1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…. Ecclesiastes 3:1  Tempest Still waters run deep, much they may hide, but what are flat waters compared to a rolling tide? Waves churn, rolling tides turn, like passion moves through our lives, stirring up from the depths, bringing up much that needs to be explored, that needs to be restored, our treasures of precious discovery. Through our troubling tempest comes our treasures of clarity, our emerald, healing truths to see from Jesus Christ’s precious treasures bringing up in us what is heavenly…. 2 … He leads me beside the still waters. 3 He restores my soul: He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:2-3  An Individual Can Make a Difference Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., each held a vision, one, for millions. Through compassion, with love, with respect for God, for their fellowman, they took a stand, making a difference by caring, listening to expressions, to feelings released, to issues in the airing. True understanding makes things right, compassion is our birthright, in Jesus Christ right for our spiritual birth, for greater harmony, a better earth…. 22 It is through the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. Lamentations 3:22  A Time of Dividing Lines … our dividing wall will fade as a new place is made, a place of mercy, of selflessness too, built with planks of life-giving points of view, built of solutions many various folks come to. Success will be when we keep a level mind, prying out forgiveness when positions are tight, wrenching our heart, our soul, in prayer, instead of a fight. Aligning with all the compassion we can find, plumbing our foundation with God’s design, aware to fix with meekness our own human weakness, willing to sand our rough edges with a fair heart, to seal out cold drafts, to learn from others how to best build, at times, our own will stilled, the design of our Master architect believed, with times of quietness for faith, to our stress relieved, then we will build our place together, be more at peace, with our success, our harmony, our happiness coming to be as we let God measure each of our angles to the right degree…. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men liberally…. James 1:5 
Writing became an interest during Linda’s high school days, particularly in her English, humanities, and psychology classes: where one project was to share her philosophy, another to develop a project to help others, and the third to write an insightful story. The psychology teacher who had given the philosophy assignment changed Linda’s grade from an A+ to a B thinking her writing was copied from a published source. Not very concerned about the grade, she saw the teacher’s concern as a compliment. Then just because she loved it, she kept on writing. PhiloetryTM has won several poetry awards, been presented on a public television station, and shared with grammar school students in Oakland, California. Linda did not design her life to write PhiloetryTM; rather, she sees it as a God-given gift that has pursued her, created as the Holy Spirit teaches her to live the way of Jesus Christ, after her seeking in prayer. It was the hospital roommate of her maternal Grandmother who found peace and resolve about her upcoming heart surgery after hearing PhiloetryTM that moved Linda to publish her writing to help others. Linda Fredrick born in Wisconsin, moved to California at age seven. She was educated at Los Medanos Junior College and at California State University, East Bay, attaining both A.A. and B.A. degrees in Liberal Arts on the education track, with one year toward a master’s degree in education, and minors in sociology, psychology, and child development, with a master’s certificate in herbology, having also studied holistic health. Linda has worked a wide variety of jobs: teaching grades K-12 (special education included), as an executive administrator for small businesses in the fields of: medicine, law, publishing, environmental chemistry, conference planning, home healthcare, human resources, computer aided design, marketing, public healthcare, and insurance, also as a somatic body worker, a Notary Public, and counselor, giving her time as a Walnut Creek Peace Center volunteer, children’s peace camp facilitator, as a tour guide and the tour guide writer, a manuscript proofreader, and newsletter editor. Attending various denominations of Christian churches since the age of two, Linda has found herself wearing the hats of: lay minister, seminar planner, facilitator and speaker, children’s Bible class teacher and coordinator, and treasurer.

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