A Life Well Lived
A Life Well Lived
The Jennifer Paulson story
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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On the morning of February 26th, 2010, Jennifer Ann Paulson arrived at the elementary school where she taught Special Education. She was then confronted by the man who had been stalking her. What happened next devastated her family, friends, students and the entire community. But what took place that morning, however heartbreaking, is not the real story of Jennifer Ann Paulson.

The Jennifer Paulson story is simple in its form, but with an underlying message of hope, determination, commitment and perseverance. Journey with her through every stage of her life as God shapes and molds her into a genuine woman of impact. Told through memories, letters, journal entries, laughter and tears, her story will motivate every reader to pursue a life worth living.

To honor the legacy of Jennifer Paulson, and capture her spirit, 100% of the profits from this book will be donated, in her memory, to causes her family believes she would support (such as Scholarships, victims' help programs, books and educational help for children). May God bless all who read her story.

The story of Jennifer Ann Paulson, at first thought, appears to be a story of unimaginable grief and painful sorrow. The story of a woman so young and full of selflessness and compassion who was torn away from her family and a world that so desperately needed her. What took place early that Friday morning was one of the most horrifying and saddest events in Tacoma Public School history. Leaving in it's wake a heavy burden of devastation as family and friends seek tirelessly for answers as to why this happened-but that is not THIS story. The newspapers, radio and nightly news has its own spin on this so-called tragedy. They will use words such as: murder, stalker, slain, harassment, shooting and death to name a few. They tell their own story and seem to thrive on the grief of those involved and consider Jennifer a victim-but that story is far from true. On the contrary, the real story of Jennifer Ann Paulson is a story of hope, compassion, forgiveness, purpose and celebration. she was born and raised living her life for others. She understood at an early age God's calling on her life and never took her head from the Master's bidding. She lived her life shinning a light before all men and walked the earth with strong convictions and dedication to her faith in Christ. This is a story of how, even through tragedy, God heals, restores, and uses every pain of human existence to show the hope of his salvation, and Jennifer's story is just that hope. So forget all the words that the media will use to describe Jennifer, for you will not read them here. She was not a victim-she was a disciple. She is not dead-she is alive. Her life was not wasted-she fulfilled her calling. Jennifer accomplished more in her thirty years on earth than many of us will accomplish in one lifetime. Each and every one of us has a God given destiny, a pre-determined course for our lives to follow. I wonder how many of us will discover our true calling, thus preparing the kind of legacy we will leave behind. Jennifer sure did. She knew her course, followed her map, and trusted her Captain. Even as I sit here now, penning the words of Jennifer's amazing life, I am a product of her ministry, a destination on the map God drew for her. During my most godless and rebellious days, she saw me as Jesus saw me. She reached out a friendly hand to me and helped me up out of my sins. It has been to this day, the most divinely designed moment in my life. And I share it with you, in honor of her.

Eric Lundberg was born and raised in the Tacoma area of Washington State. He graduated from Curtis High School in 1997 and went on to study Psychology, Theology and Creative Writing. As a life long friend of Jennifer Paulson, and the entire Paulson family, he was greatly impacted by her life. Eric, his wife Naomi, and their four children live in Puyallup, Washington where he is working on his next book.


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