Networking to Land the Job YOU Want
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Hired-Network to land the job you want was written to help any proactive job seeker no matter what generation category they are lumped into. Today the average job seeker is frustrated with the lack of results they are getting through the traditional job hunting process of applying and waiting for opportunities to come to them. The common unintended consequences of waiting for opportunities are eroding self confidence, career doubt, depression and financial paralysis.

Millions of people are facing these same issues every day; especially when you consider that the average time it takes an unemployed person to find a job is 9 months. This book details proven techniques, tips and actual ways for job seeker to proactively identify the job they want and land it in a shorter period of time. These techniques are proven and have been honed through last three recessions. In this book there are no “quick-rich” schemes. This book examines strategic ways to define and understand what your work accomplishments are to create and understand your market value.

Some of the things you will learn from this book.

• How to easily create a healthy professional network to uncover job opportunities before they are public.

• How to create your competitive differentiators to land jobs, and build self confidence, by learning how to create your accomplishments.

• Identifying jobs you want, creating creative approaches to talk to hiring manager and bypassing the traditional job black hole of applying and waiting.

The information contained in this book has helped hundreds of job seekers to differentiate themselves from their competition. It has allowed them to circumvent the applying and waiting while actually helping them to reduce the time it took to find a job. I hope you enjoy this book and it brings you success and happiness.

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Joel Abraham is the author of Hired! Network to land the job you want and has over 17 years of front line recruitment and designing talent acquisition services for high tech, biotech and general staffing and corporate companies. Over the seventeen years Joel has interviewed thousands of candidates and directly placed hundred of all types of job seekers. Joel has used his commonsense approach to help job seekers to network and liberate themselves from the traditional job searching process. Joel's passion for networking was realized in the 2000 recession where he founded of the WI Pinkslip parties a networking event to allow job seekers and employers the opportunity to network in a social setting. Shortly after that Joel developed the formula for accomplishments which has proven to be successful in any type of economic climate (boom or bust). Job seekers who have applied this formula to their resume and interview process have been able to differentiate themselves to win the jobs they want. Business Challenge + Your Solution = Accomplishment™


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