Present Move
Present Move
Holy Spirit Advance Work
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A previous move of God, traditions, religion systems, human philosophy, perverse science, secular world view and doctrine of men can hinder the present work of God. When Jesus was doing his earthly ministry, it was the political figures, the religious leaders and followers of Judaism of the day, who opposed fresh move of God.

Today the Holy Spirit is moving in a special way and God requires his people to respond well and respect his work and word. The God we worship and serve, he is a God of motion and mobility. God is never stationery or stagnant. But our God is the mighty God at work!

What the Holy Spirit did in the book of acts he is doing today. The Holy Spirit wants the church, Christians and ministers of the gospel to produce much fruit, increase and multiply. It is very surprising how in the book of acts everywhere there was fruitfulness, increase and multiplication! Yet today the people of God settle for the least instead of Gods best. God requires you to be fruitful, increase and multiply in your entire life. Allow the Holy Spirit to work with your life and achieve his mighty progress. Look worldwide see and hear what God is doing and saying. The move of the Holy Spirit is here! Be part of it, Serve God and support the work of God.

The greatest tragedy in life is to miss God when he is moving and worst of all to have no God in this life. The greatest tragedy is not the ship to sink or a plane to crash or road accident or political unrest or economic down turn but to miss God. God always wants the best for his people and not the worst. When God moves his divine intention is to minister to his people. The God we worship and serve is a mobile God. Our God is a moving God. Always there is a move of God in a country, city and community but most people careless to be where God is. People are busy doing their things and are not part of the Holy Spirit move at that place. For example there might be a crusade or conference service arranged and announced and some people don’t attend. As long people don’t come where God is they miss God. The Holy Spirit is moving in our present times and every person need to participate in what God is doing and saying. Always there two types of people, first there are people who respond to the move of God and secondly there are people who distance themselves from the move of God. God always minister to the people who respond and respect the move of the Holy Spirit. And those people who don’t want do anything with the move of God they miss God and that may be a disaster in a lifetime.

Jesus one time said I am sent but to the house of Israel but Israelite did want anything to do with what God was doing and saying through Jesus (all the great wisdom and the mighty works of Christ). In that case Israel missed God. Egypt saw the dramatic ministry of Moses, what God was doing and saying prophetically and never trusted God, Pharaoh and the Egyptians missed God because of their reluctant response. When there is the move of the Holy Spirit you do not waste your moment in that manner like Jewish leaders and followers of Judaism. The most important thing in your life is the move of God upon you.

What is the move? The term move means to be in motion, to make progress, to go, to do and state of being mobile. The move of God is a mighty wave of the presence and power of God at work. The move of God is the work of God. The move of God in summary it is the Holy Spirit at work. The move of God it is mighty work of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus said go to the world, he simply meant move. Once you understand How God moves it is easy to share the gospel. As the Holy Spirit is moving our main task is to take the gospel and work of God to the world. And God will save, heal and do miracles.
Benjamin Maira is divinely called, empowered and sent by the Lord. A minister of the gospel set forth by the Holy Spirit for Holy Service. He is a writer, ministry specialist and speaker. Pastor Ben is a founder of Sent One Ministries and SetMinster Chapel (the Sanctuary). As an accomplished minster he takes the gospel and work of God to the people. His purpose is world cause of the Lord Jesus Christ and to witness his Name. Benjamin and his wife, Flora reside in London, UK with their godly children.

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