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Dave Keats was born in the fifties and raised in the sixties. With an uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time it put him in the perfect position to pursue his true love of music, whilst experiencing first hand what it was like to eat with, drink with, get stoned with and talk to his peers. From Eric Clapton to The Rolling Stones, Queen and Led Zeppelin he met some of his idols in a relaxed atmosphere away from the humdrum and limelight of the big time. Be it jamming with a rock god in his living room or seeing the greatest live act in the world playing to few more than a hundred people in a bar in Ibiza, Dave Keats has had his moments.


Born in London and moving at an early age to the South Wales shipping town of Newport, his childhood existence and youth were of no significance until he left school and met John Christianson. Through his association with John, Dave’s life was to change in a dramatic way. Doors were to open that he didn’t know existed until then, and in the following five years he acquired a lifetime of memories that resulted in Tangents. It was the age of flower power and hippies and experimentation in every aspect of life if you were of that certain age, and Dave Keats was.


His late teens were to see him try his own hand in the music business and in the next three decades he would write and produce over a thousand songs that ranged from rock, pop, reggae, ballads, comedy, dirges and any other genre of music that you wish to mention. But whilst living the dream we all have to face up to reality, so while the excesses of youth were claiming victims around him he backed into the shadows, retiring to the tranquillity of the Channel Islands where he still lives today. Dave Keats has lived a full and exciting life of which he’s decided to share a little of it with you here. Not selling his soul or sensationalising on experiences through associations with famous acquaintances, but giving you a peek into his life of love, betrayal, ecstasy and tragedy, or the self inflicted abuse to his body and mind, and what it was like to be there and then………….in The Sixties



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