Looking for the Alphabet
Looking for the Alphabet
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Looking for the Alphabet is very colorful! It's very exciting and full of adventure! If you are looking for a way to talk about feelings with your child, this is a great venue! If you need to talk about the importance of working as a team, or sharing responsibility, this is a great story. You can use Looking for the Alphabet to talk about groups of three! How the story puts the alphabet together is in groups of three! Additionally, you could use the book to see the start of some great future writers, by seeing what ending they choose to write.
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This author chose to become a parent at an older age. Therefore, she got her first inspiration from her young son. She would always read to her unborn child. She continued this tradition long after the child started reading himself. She has always enjoyed writing. She has written ryhming words, and has tried writing poetry. However, 90% of what she has written has been for and about children. After getting her Associate of Arts Degree in General Education/ Certificate of Proficiency, in Early Education, she pursued her Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree gave her the option of splitting her courses into two major subject areas. She took half of her courses in business and half in education. She works very hard trying to grow her small business, while working two jobs. Her son was the blessing that changed her life. This woman is very creative and has lots of ideas. She has made a decision to live part II of her life taking some risks. Those risks include publishing her first book, "Looking for the Alphabet".

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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