The War of Megiddo
The War of Megiddo
Book I: The Alfa
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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In the beginning Sammael went to the holy city of Ermon Hill to protest the actions of God to the Holy Council made up of the most powerful angels in Heaven. Sammeal quickly builds an army of one third of the angels in Heaven to rise up and fight against God. The Archangels Michael and Gabriel led Heaven to victory and those who fought against God in the uprising where cast out of Heaven to Earth on the opposite side of the Veil of the Senses to await Judgement Day. Now the final days of Earth are approaching as both Heaven and Hell prepare for one last battle. God sends Auron to tell Jack Watts he is to lead the armies of Heaven against the forces of Sammael. As the world is consumed by war Jack makes the decisions which will ultimately help shape the fate of humanity. Everyone involved quickly finds out that the line between good and evil is not as clear cut as they were lead to believe.
At the start of time there was nothing, and then God told the universe he wanted light and there was a great explosion which some would come to call the big bang. Later God created the Heavens and the Earth along with all those presided there. At first God had two sons Jesus and Sammael. Jesus followed the will of God to the letter and was the son that Heaven looked to for leadership. Sammael did not share God’s views on the direction of Heaven which placed the humans on Earth above the angels in Heaven. One day Sammael went to the holy city of Ermon Hill to protest the actions of God to the Holy Council which was made up of the most important angels in Heaven of various ranks. Sammael told them, “God has pushed us aside for lesser beings which only look like angels, but they are flawed and only serve themselves.” The Arch Angel Michael stood up and said, “The same could be said about you. You may be a part of the holy family but your actions go against everything that God has worked so hard to achieve.” Sammael looked around the room and told the council, “We are far superior to the humans, and God should see that. My father is not omnipotent like you would like to believe. This is a falsehood and I have come here to show Heaven that I have a better way.” Raphael who never liked Sammael’s politics said, “What would that better way be? Time has proven your arrogance has made you a disgrace to the Holy Family. I think this is nothing more than an act of rebellion.” Sammael became angry and said, “I came here offering you a better way and you mock me. My brother follows blindly without question, and that is what we have built our society on. I say we stand up to God and tell him we will not accept humans as our superiors. I say that we are their superiors. I am calling for all those who agree with me to stand up and make their voices known. We will not bow down to the race of man.” In an effort to ease the rhetoric Uriel said, “You might not know it by looking at them, but the humans are beloved by God above us for a reason. No matter how much you may fight it the humans do have their place here in Heaven. That place is above us whether we like it or not.” Sammael stood up and said, “How dare you speak with me like that. At the end of the day I am one of the sons of God. It is God’s blood which flows through my veins.” Gabriel was worried about what Sammael was planning and said, “You come here with a new vision for Heaven. This all begs the question of what you are planning to do to achieve your goal. Unlike God, I and the rest of Heaven are not able to gaze into the future to see what you are up to.” Sammael had enough and told the council, “I will do whatever is necessary. If you have not been paying attention there are many others like me that are not willing to bow down to the humans. Our numbers are growing by the day. When my forces are ready Heaven can choose to talk to us and resolve this peacefully, or we can resolve this with brute force.” Then Michael began to lose his temper and told Sammael, “God and the armies of Heaven will stop you at any cost. As General of the Holy Army I will make sure you will be punished for raising an army against God. I am sure you understand there is no chance of winning a war with Heaven. Sammael became furious and said, “You underestimate me. I assure you if I go to war with Heaven I will win. The only question I have is what will happen once we take over.” Sammael stormed out of the room and started spreading his word to the angels in the Heavens. At first there was a strong opposition against him, but then slowly the angels in Heaven became more accepting of Sammael’s views. As support grew many started talking about revolution and going to war with God. At first the Holy Government saw the rebellion as a bad joke which started becoming a major issue. Angels at all levels started looking to Sammael for leadership, but the question now was how many of those angels would go up against God. When talk about civil war grew loud enough God sent Jesus to help the situation. Jesus prepared a statement to the angels of Heaven which was broadcast all over the Heavens. Jesus said, “Times are changing in Heaven, but it has been made clear not everyone agrees it has been for the better. I am here to talk to the people of Heaven to let you know God is aware of the issues you have. Humans have shown they can believe blindly in God as an act of devotion which is something the beings of Heaven can not relate to.”
Nick was born in Iowa City, Iowa. He has lived in Iowa City and Kalona for most of his life. In 2005-2008 he attended the University of Iowa where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Nick studied religion while getting his degree at Kirkwood where he received his Associate’s degree before finishing school at the University of Iowa. In 2010 Nick joined the Teach and Learn in Georgia program in the nation of Georgia for a semester. During his time there he taught English as a second language and learned about their culture. He joined the program because he enjoys going to new places and meeting new people. This started in the year 2000 when he first went overseas as part of the People to People program.

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