Why the turtle and the snail carried their houses on their back
Why the turtle and the snail carried their houses on their back
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Shelly and Tiny are two slow animals who would love to own their own homes. However, each house must be suited to meet their unique needs. They have the plans for each house in their heads. Smooth rocks, shaded trees, indoor outdoor pools were some of the things that were needed. They searched the entire island each with high hopes that their dreams would come true. While they did not find their dream houses, they discovered the many building that were in their city and identified the business that each building housed.
Tiny and Shelly had dreamed of owning their own homes for as long as they could remember. Shelly needed a house with large cool rocks, indoor outdoor plants. Tiny needed an indoor pool, a sandbox and a sun roof. The two were slow animals and for days they walked trying to find the right house. As they walked, they discovered resturants, hotels, banks, residential areas and commercial buildings but did not find a house that they liked. Finally, just when they thought they would have to give up, in a lovely park lay beautiful shells. these shelly were large enough to sleep in and light enough to carry. And that is why from that day the snail and the turtle carried their houses on their backs.
This short story allows the reader to identify buildings that would be seen in their city. He/she would be able to identify and talk about the business services that are houses in each building. Young children will be able to use this book as a simple tool when identifying these building at home or in the classroom.

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