Chronicles III
Chronicles III
Moses 1490 Exodus, to Cyrus of Persia 485 BCE Chronological Hebrew History of Israel and Judah’s Patriarchs, Judges, Kings, Prophets & Governors.
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Moses 1490 Exodus, to Cyrus of Persia 485 BCE Chronological Hebrew History of Israel and Judah’s Patriarchs, Judges, Kings, Prophets & Governors. By Walter Robert Gouin The book is the result of 15 years research of the Old Testament chronology of the time period 1491 BCE thru 485 BCE. It is a compilation mainly of the Books of Joshua, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles in a Narrative of the dated events in their chronological order. It is a sequel to Bob's book Exodus Solved! Tate Publishing 2011, and precursor to his book, tentatively titled, Ancient History of the Israelite Nation 5500—2 BCE (pending publication).
INTRODUCTION: And Paul [the Apostle] stood up. And motioning with his hand, he said “Men! Israelites, and those fearing GOD, listen! 17 The GOD of this people of Israel chose our ancestors, and exalted the people [to a status of a great nation] during their temporary stay as foreigners in the land of Egypt. And with an uplifted arm, he brought them out of Egypt. 18 And for a forty-year period [1490 to 1450 BCE] he put up with them in the wilderness. 19 Then [after] destroying seven nations in the land of Canaan, GOD gave to them their land as an inheritance [of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, under the authority of Joshua in 1445]. 20 And after these things, for 450 years GOD gave judges [over them, from Moses] until the prophet Samuel, [1491- 450 =1041]. 21 And then [in 1031] the descendants of Jacob asked for a king, and GOD gave them Saul, a son of Kish. [He was] a man out of [the] tribe of Benjamin, forty years [of age, and he ruled twenty sovereign years, 1030-1011]. 22 And when GOD removed Saul, he exalted David as their king, of whom GOD also bore witness [to Samuel], saying ‘I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man in accordance with my own Heart who will do all my wishes.’ 23 According to [GOD’s] promise, he has brought salvation to Israel from this man’s [blood line] descendants, [TR a Savior, Jesus]/[Moshi’ah, Yeshua].” Acts 13:16-23; cp. 1 Sam. 4:18; 7:6, 15.

Edwin R. Thiele, in his book A Chronology of the Hebrew Kings, 8 1977, third printing 1978 Zondervan, on page twelve quoted a declaration of Jerome, the scholar and monk of the fourth century, CE/AD 300—400: Read all the books of the Old Testament, and you will find such a discord as to the number of years, such a confusion as to the duration of the reigns of the kings of Judah and Israel, that to attempt to clear up this question will appear rather the occupation of a man of leisure than a scholar. I would change only one word, occupation, to vocation of a man; that is, one called of GOD. So how can we expect to ever arrive at a believable Creation date? Without a fixed Creation date, how can we ever arrive at a year for the World Deluge/Flood, Abraham’s birth, and the Exodus? The best we can hope for is a continuous and complete chronograph that corroborates the majority of the numbers and subtotals of years stated in these Bibles that are assumed to be the inspired Word of GOD. Note that I have changed B.C. and B.C.E., meaning Before Christ, and Before the Common Era, to read as BCE, Before the Christian Era. I find nothing common about the birth of Jesus, the Christ, and new calendar beginning. Also the term BC is a misnomer since Jesus is thought to have been born anywhere between one and eighteen years before the New Calendar Era CE/AD 1. Jesus could not have been born before he was born. However, it is still acceptable and appropriate for Christians to read it as BC or BCE, Before Christ, Christianity, or Christian Era. Any year before 2 BCE may still be referred to as BC, Before Christ. This book is of no particular version of the Bible. It is an interpretive composite of the scriptures of the OT books: Judges, Joshua, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, I Chronicles, and II Chronicles, and the Prophets; namely, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, etc.; the scriptures as relating to chronology, in 21st Century United States English.

In 1604 CE/AD, “King James … endorsed the idea of a new translation, ... The rules of procedure specified that the Bishops’ Bible was to be followed and ‘as little altered as the truth of the original will permit’; that certain other translations should be used where they agree better with the text, ...” The Bible in Translation Ancient and English Versions, by Bruce M. Metzger, 2001 page 71. I have produced this chronological, interpretive analysis with the same premise as King James, from no less than ten current, major late twentieth century English Bible translations published since 1981; also The Book of Jubilees, {JOSEPHUS}, Dead Sea Scrolls, and other relevant works that pertain to the dating found in the Bible: NIV— The Interlinear, NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Text. NIV— New International Version. TSE— THE STONE EDITION, TANACH ArtScroll Series. TTHS— TANAKH THE HOLY SCRIPTURES The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text. CJB— COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE. TLT— The Living Torah A New Translation Based On Traditional Jewish Sources. NASB— New American Standard Bible NKJV— NEW KING JAMES VERSION. NLT— HOLY BIBLE NEW LIVING TRANSLATION, REFERENCE EDITION. LXX— THE SEPTUAGINT WITH APOCRYPHA: GREEK AND ENGLISH. This is a harmonious, assimilation of the factually related scriptures pertaining to the dating of the Bible. I have included in [brackets] my redactions of dates and other relevant data. I have not included all scripture, only the data that is relevant to dating that I could find in a computer search of the words year, years, and month, and any clues that I may have stumbled upon, yet enough to make it a coherent narrative. If you are opposed to harmonious assimilation of the scriptures, a rule of interpretation of ambiguous scriptures, is to compare them with parallel related scriptures. In the subheadings, the (numbers) in parenthesis are references that correspond to this book’s sequel, Ancient History of the Israelite Nation. For a fuller scope of the Biblical chronology, see this book’s sequels: Exodus Solved! Jubilee & Biblical Chronology Adam to Moses 5500—1490 BCE (Tate Publishing 2011). Ancient History of the Israel Nation, Patriarchs, Judges, Kings, Prophets, and Governors Yearly and Monthly Chronology 5500—2 BCE, Birth of Jesus (pending publication). After sixteen years of New Testament Gospel research, these are my compilations of sixteen years of full time devotion to Biblical research of the Old Testament chronology.

In reading this book, you will have read the chronology of twelve books of the Old Testament, from Genesis through second Chronicles, and the books of the Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Amos, and Obadiah.

Sample Reading: Chronicles III

1491 BCE Exo. 4:19-31. Now, the LORD said to Moses in Midian “Go, return to Egypt, because all the men who sought to kill you have died.” 20 So, Moses took his wife and sons, and put them on the donkey, and went back to the land of Egypt. He also took [with him] the staff of GOD in his hand. 21 And the LORD said to Moses “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the marvels I have given in your authority. But I will harden his heart, and he will not let the people go. . . .”

1490 BCE Exo. 5:1-23. And afterwards Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said ‘The LORD GOD of Israel says this: Let my people go, so they can celebrate a festival to me in the desert.’ 2 But Pharaoh said “Who is the LORD that I should obey his voice, to let Israel go. I do not know the LORD! Therefore, I will not let Israel go! . . .”

Bob received his HS. D in 1972, that is, a degree of the Holy Spirit when he received Jesus the Christ as his SAVIOR, LORD, and tutor of his life. In 1975 he began his study of New Testament Greek at the Western Bible Institute of Long Beach CA. And has since been Home schooled by three Tutors, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Bob said, “It was one Saturday morning in 1975 at my kitchen table, in my second semester of biblical Greek. I slammed my pencil down and said ‘Who do you think you are, to be able to learn Greek?’ I went to my recliner and picked up Darlene Bee's Poem Book and opened it at random. It read ‘Dear child, why are you fretting, I know your fear of languages. ... But all this will pass away under my tutelage. And you will be amazed at how I have worked, and I will be glorified by your proficiency.’ I have truly been amazed at how He has worked. Now it is time for GOD to be glorified.” Bob has been a man of leisure since he moved back to Missouri in 1979 and began a full time translation of the three major Greek manuscripts, that is, anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a day 6 days a week, extensive research of the chronology of the Greek mss. of the four Gospels. This eventually developed into a Proof Text of the Gospels, and a Narrative Harmony of the Gospels titled Last Will and Testament (pending publication). His spatial, and analytical aptitude, as in his 30-year occupation of mechanical design, afforded him the abilities he needed for putting the puzzles of the Bible together. A year later,1980, he then returned to California and resumed his career as a part time consultant, that is, an average of four to nine months a year, and the rest working on the two books, till he retired in 1993. He then moved back to Missouri and finished his translations: Proof Text of the Gospels, Vol. 1 and Last Will and Testament, Vol. 2 in 1995, (pending publication). Then he began a more extensive research of the Old Testament chronology, from which in 2000 evolved an exposé of The Book of Jubilees, titled Exodus Solved!, and finished it about year 2005, Tate Publishing Dec. 2011. He then continued researching the Old Testament chronology in a detailed analysis, never before accomplished in a yearly, and monthly, chronograph, to complete it down to 485 BCE, with a yearly chronograph, down to 2 BCE, which evolved into two more volumes, this narrative titled: Chronicles III, and a sequel Proof Text of the two books, tentatively titled Ancient History of the Israelite Nation 5500−2 BCE (pending publication).

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