How to Deal with 21st Century American Women
How to Deal with 21st Century American Women
Co-Creating a Successful Relationship
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How to Deal with 21st Century American Women teaches men from all walks of life how to understand and adapt to the evolving male-female paradigm shift occurring at every level of American society. Today, women run companies, become school principles, military generals, police chiefs, corporation CEOs and dozens of other power positions where they make more money and give orders to male employees. It’s no longer exclusively “a man’s world.” Women compete for the highest job slots at colleges, governorships of states, Ph.D. programs and athletic money in professional sports. Where men once drove the car for dates, women demand equality in the work, family and social realm. Men need to slide over and share the driving with women. This enormous emotional, social and sexual shift in the Western world creates a new male-female relationship dynamic. This shift proves the first of its kind in human history. The new dynamic also creates incredible confusion, frustration and exasperation. Along the way, women want men to be men. They want a good man to marry and raise a family. But early in the 21st century, half of all marriages end in divorce. Male domestic violence continues at distressing levels. Weekend fathers explode on the emotional landscape. Children suffer the loss of structure, a balanced family unit and a sense of belonging. This book enlightens, educates and encourages men to maintain their masculinity while adapting and thriving in the new male-female paradigm of the 21st century. The book presents straight-forward ideas to men on how to deal with a 21st century American woman. This book shows men how to successfully marry the right woman for long-term success. It shows which women to avoid. The book creates new understandings to move men forward in relationships in the 21st century.
DEALING WITH 21st CENTURY AMERICAN WOMEN This book, created by two baby boomer alpha males, (one of us will remain anonymous for reasons of personal safety) is written ¬for men who cannot comprehend the¬ actions and behaviors exhibited by 21st century American women. Our book covers¬ subjects that every male has encountered in the past 20 years or ¬will encounter in the next 20 years—pertaining to women. From our treasure chests of life experiences, we¬ suggest workable ideas on how to handle relationship challenges. We've been married and we've been divorced. One of us successfully married again. The other remains single. No university awarded us our credentials for writing this book. We didn't¬ investigate relationships by plugging people into tests, observing their responses and tabulating scientific results. Our credentials consist of gut-wrenching life experiences—hard ¬earned and verified by getting our proverbial butts kicked. ¬We've learned our life lessons in the trenches. Along the way, we haven't become angry nor do we suffer from loneliness or “woe-is-me” mentality. We love and adore women as much as ever. At the same time, we learned a few things to pass along to you, our¬ fellow male creatures, so you can make better choices in your quest for a mate. Men in the USA today must deal with women on many fronts. The fact remains: men still initiate relationships. Men own testosterone market-share. We commence the mating process because we ask for the first dance and attempt the first kiss. Okay, yes, a few women might take the lead, but for the most part, it’s you, dude, who does the initiating. Along the way to women's liberation in the late 20th century, many areas of “certainty” once enjoyed by men were and have been thrown into chaos. Women emerge daily as new forces in our formerly male-dominated¬ society. Today, we must learn new ways to deal with women fairly and respectfully—while maintaining our masculinity. It's difficult since new generations of women aren't sure where they stand¬, not having stood there before. Their confusion becomes our bewilderment. Having said this, we take the first wobbly steps and ¬prepare to acknowledge that the new paradigm offers a lot of frustration. If we can move the new model out into the open and start the dialogue ¬among ourselves—we can move hand-in-hand with women into the new¬ century. Men bond through our sports, literature, music and ¬arts. Guess what? So do women! We live in the 21st century. We must¬ acknowledge that to be alive today, educated and living in America—provides as good an opportunity for a magnificent life as it gets. Given our potential, we think it could¬ be better. It's in the area of relational dynamics that the¬ wellspring of today’s males’ frustration simmers and seethes like¬ the boiling mud pots in Yellowstone National Park. Are we alone and unique in this time? We doubt it and it's¬ our bet that men in previous decades experienced many parallel challenges. We will explore those challenges further. It's their living female offspring that ¬concern us at the moment. That's right! The liberated women of the 21st century stand in the batter’s box. ¬ Susan B. Anthony and the suffragettes retired our side ¬many years ago. Guess what else? The "Rules" of this “new female equality”¬ have never been published in any way, shape or form. It seems to us¬ that rules developed by females and for females interacting with ¬males are metaphysical and constantly changing. The rules appear¬ to be: no rules exist. There's nothing we can read, ¬ memorize or cite statistics. We cannot buy a copy and play the game. Three strikes and you think the female side retires and relinquishes the plate to us? How’s that working out for you, dude? Men love the quest As men, we like challenges. We expect to conquer, to be in control and play the game. If we soften the ¬scenario, we allow women to start the emasculation process. We ¬males don't care if we win or lose, well, that's not quite¬ right—we do care, because we will try and try again. If we don't¬ succeed after a certain number of tries, we move on. The point is that when ¬we know the rules, we can play to the best of our talents. When the rules change, we lose our foundation, our footing and ¬our masculinity. ¬ The question emerges, "Are women confusing¬ us or are our responses to women changing because they have changed?" The answers bubble up in this tome. How to Deal with 21st Century Women has been our labor of¬ "remembered frustrations" prompted by several encounters with the ¬opposite sex that have been much less than satisfying for either¬ party. We may not be politically correct and at the moment, we ¬don't care. Standing alongside the famous “heroes” are the loving fathers and coaches who teach their kids baseball, tennis, football, basketball, hockey, swimming, lacrosse, triathlon, scuba diving and many other sports. In the end, a young man remembers what his coach or father said to help him long after the big name heroes pass into the record books. To the women who discover this book and who think they¬ may gain insight into just what are those strange creatures out ¬there ruled by two heads and one heart, and at times can't¬ tell the difference among any of the three—hang in there and study our words. “The Secret” dwells within—in the words and experiences. It doesn't have to be as confusing as this society ¬makes it. In the middle of confusion, men must learn where they can ¬stand and where they must stand in order to maintain their masculinity. ¬Their bewilderment must turn into a “sense-of-self” if they are¬ to successfully navigate the choppy waters of 21st century relationships in America.
Frosty Wooldridge graduated from Michigan State University. He is an environmentalist, mountain climber, scuba diver, dancer, skier, writer, speaker and photographer. He has taught at the elementary, high school and college levels. He has skied, backpacked, sailed, windsurfed, raced triathlons, snowboarded and more all over the planet. He has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents and nine times across the United States. His feature articles have appeared in national and international magazines for 30 years. He has interviewed on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX and 150 radio shows. He offers “Spirit of Adventure” greeting cards on his website. Each card depicts some moment around the planet accompanied by a vignette that describes the picture. You may enjoy a one hour DVD video as Wooldridge presents it in front of a live audience on “How to live a life of adventure.” Visit: for more information.

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