Putas of the Caribbean (Prostitutes of the Caribbean)
Putas of the Caribbean (Prostitutes of the Caribbean)
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In this provocative and enlightening story collection, journey inside the world of legal prostitution. Based on true events, Putas of the Caribbean takes you inside the lives and experiences of prostitutes working in the Caribbean. Hear their stories and those of their clients in this intriguing collection. Prostitution has long been considered one of the most ancient of professions, and in his new book Putas of the Caribbean, Leo Alexander offers his own chronicle of the so called “ladies of the night.”. The practice of voluntary prostitution is accepted in many areas of the globe, and is completely legal and accepted in areas of the Caribbean. Alexander’s memoir of his time with legal and willing prostitutes is poignant, exciting and well-executed. The following stories are true events that take you into the intriguing lives and experiences of prostitutes and their clients in the Caribbean, most of which occurred in Curacao. There are stories from friends, acquaintances and most of important of all, the girls who actually had sex for money. The events and stories span over a period of about 21 years. Only a few men like Leo Alexander have ever been able to break through the protective barriers the women put up, thus entering hearts, minds and souls of the “working girls”.
After she was finished servicing a customer , condom in hand she would look at it and say “hello babies”, and then say “good bye babies” as she would dispose of the condom in the garbage. Diana said that she was staying in a stylish two-bedroom apartment. I asked her if she had a rich boyfriend who was paying for the apartment. She responded by tapping her pussy and saying “this is what pays for the apartment”.
Leo Alexander was born in 1962 in Durban, South Africa. He had a strict Catholic upbringing, and attended church every week of his life up until the age of 17. In 1988 he moved to the Caribbean, where he lived on the island of Curacao before immigrating to Canada in 2007.
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