Oddmatic and the Bad Pirate Gang
Oddmatic and the Bad Pirate Gang
A fridge,fight,fish and a feast!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Oddmatic is a naughty little monsterbot who is forever finding trouble, which more often than not involves his heroes Bad Pirate, Second-hand Sea Dog and the Rum Dipped Gang! He loves food, burping and blood!

Luca is his long suffering friend, who always seems to unwittingly help Oddmatic and his friends get into and out of trouble.

"This group are just the type of rogues I'd choose as my best friends!"

“Beetle juice, squashed tomatoes!” repeated Luca with instant regret. As Oddmatic proceeded to tell him, that most people, particularly old ladies, like to eat tomatoes sprinkled with beetles for their afternoon tea and as old ladies loved to watch a good fight, they would probably be the ones jostling for a ringside view, whilst his mom was fighting. Therefore it made perfect logic that there would be beetle juice and squashed tomatoes at the shops tomorrow... As, some poor old lady's shopping was bound to get trampled.

Linton Shaw is a father of two young children. He lives in Birmingham, England and has had a variety of jobs ranging from window cleaner to social worker. However his most demanding role thus far is that of a parent and 'entertainer' to his two young children. Given this he believes this book will appeal to parents and inquisitive children alike. The author's quirky and humorous approach to engaging the reader is thought provoking. His love of words is evident in this book and will encourage children to be curious and broaden their vocabulary, with the characters walking off the pages to sit in the room with the reader.

"As a social worker I worked with children for many years, before having my own. I then decided that I had to write books, in order to capture some of the magic that happens, when you encourage children to imagine."


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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