When I First Saw Santa
When I First Saw Santa
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This book expresses the magic of a Santa Claus Christmas with a unique story and charming drawings created by a seven year old boy.

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The book was conceived, written and illustrated by a seven year old boy who was very creative and liked to keep busy. He looked forward every year to all the associations of Christmas, the decorations, the coming guests, and the festivities with special dinners and desserts.

His mommy was especially busy at Christmas time preparing for the family celebrations. His grandparents would come from many miles away in a car which was loaded up to the windows with gifts.

One year he and one of his brothers each bought themselves miniature artificial trees complete with colored lights to have in their bedrooms.

In addition to writing this book, John also made a miniature Santa sleigh out of balsa wood which he had on hand for making airplanes. He painted the sleigh red and he made costumes for four little Steiff animals: a bear, a dog, a cat and a raccoon. The cat, the dog, and the raccoon (which “got tired and is riding in the sleigh”) are sporting pipe cleaner antlers. The bear has a red Santa outfit trimmed in white cotton “fur”. Later he added a Steiff reindeer with a red blanket and “R” for Rudolf. Some of the animals were on loan each holiday from his brothers. Billy loaned his dog and Dick loaned his cat and reindeer.

His brother Charlie would have been with John as he built the Santa sleigh set because he loved to watch him working on his projects. You will see the Santa and sleigh pictured on the back cover of this book.

One day while his mommy was very busy with all the grown up aspects of Christmas preparation, John went into his room and wrote and illustrated this book all by himself. You may notice some misspelled words and smudges in the drawings, but we think that you will enjoy the fun.

Later John’s interest changed to sports and cars. Now he is a grown man and he and his wife have a family of three little girls and the spirit of Christmas sharing and love continues.


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