Ascended:  The Omega Nexus
Ascended: The Omega Nexus
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In the late 1980s, the U.S. government commissioned a project to create the perfect soldier. A range of experiments was performed on a group of soldiers, including genetic reconstruction which was made possible by a serum created by Dr. Emanuel Brown. Despite the advancements made, the project was deemed a failure and the soldiers were discharged, much to the chagrin of its leader, General James S. Lassiter. The general and Dr. Brown continued their experiments, administering the trial serum to each other. After years of experimentation, Dr. Brown and General Lassiter would eventually part ways, both thinking that their efforts of perfecting the serum were fruitless. It wouldn’t be until the birth of the general’s son that the effects of the serum would be realized. The power of the serum had been passed down genetically from the original test subjects to their offspring, giving them super human abilities. The general realized that all of the offspring of those to whom the serum was administered would have superior traits as well. Realizing the potential of these children, the general gathered a group of renegade soldiers, who shared his views of hatred toward the government, and formed an organization known as STING. He hunted down and killed the soldiers of the original project and abducted their children. He took them to a hidden compound so he could raise and train them to be his superior army. Dr. Brown foresaw the evil of the general’s ambitions. With the help of a small band of Ascended children he called the Omega Nexus, he organized an escape that would lead to the destruction of the STING compound and STING. Now, STING has reassembled for the sole purpose of recollecting the Ascended who are now extremely powerful adults scattered throughout the United States. Unbeknownst to STING, the Omega Nexus is waiting…

Ty leapt up from his pillow, his brow dripping with sweat. He glanced around his small bedroom to make sure he was awake -- to make sure his dream was just a dream. The sudden commotion woke Kelly from her slumber, and she sat up beside him.

“What's the matter, baby, that nightmare again?” she asked sympathetically.

“It's so real, Kelly.” He sighed and caught his breath. “So damned scary.”

Kelly pushed her jet-black hair from her eyes and pulled Ty's head to her chest, softly brushing the side of his face with her fingers.

Ty relaxed his body and closed his eyes, comforted by Kelly's embrace. She made him feel safe when the nightmare was over, the same nightmare that had haunted him for so long. These two lost souls had been just teenagers when they found each other, and they'd lived together since he was sixteen and she was seventeen, lying about their ages so they could stay together. Now that they were adults in their mid-twenties, Ty fully intended to make Kelly his wife.

Ty and Kelly drifted off to sleep once again, and the night was peaceful -- unusually peaceful, unusually silent. There were no scurrying noises from the mice in the walls, no gunshots firing at the housing project off in the distance, no homeless bum cursing in a drunken rage about life in the Bronx. The world seemed at peace.

In a laboratory somewhere far from the gritty streets around Ty and Kelly's South Bronx apartment, an elderly gentleman in a white lab coat sat in a large bronze chair in front of a huge computer panel and monitor. Dr. Emmanuel Brown, an eminent scientist, was reading an article in the National Science Journal about advancements in human bioengineering, shaking his head over the inaccurate hypotheses and theories regarding the next stage of human evolution.

“Rubbish!” he scoffed, as he read the author's discourse on the potential advances of stem cell research, artificial cell regeneration, and the possibility of human cloning. He pushed his spectacles back onto the bridge of his nose with his index finger, not noticing the red light blinking on the panel in front of him. The dormant screen of the large monitor flashed on, the old man glanced at it, then resumed his reading. He looked at the screen again, realized what he was seeing, and dropped the magazine to the floor. It was the satellite image of three humanoid figures, flying somewhere above the Great Lakes, and moving at tremendous speed.

“STING!” Dr. Brown exclaimed, identifying the figures, as he fumbled for the in-house phone receiver mounted on the corner of the panel in front of him.

“Kevin, it's me,” Dr. Brown said urgently. “Star-Gazer has picked up three unidentified objects flying at an altitude of thirty-six thousand feet, speed at Mach 2. Star Gazer has positively identified their fuel signatures. It's hydrillium, Kevin. STING Cyberdrones ― Yes, I'm sure. It looks like their projected course is somewhere inNew York City. This isn't a drill, Kevin. This is an actual operation. Gather the others. We've got to find out what they're after and stop them. And Kevin . . . ” Dr. Brown paused, removed the spectacles from his face, and rubbed his eyes. “. . . Please watch over my daughter.”

Kelly Young opened her eyes at the roaring sound of a jet passing overhead. She shook it off as a plane flying low and turned over as the sound faded. Suddenly, there was a pounding on the south wall of the room that shook the entire building. Both Ty and Kelly sprang up in time to watch the entire wall collapse into rubble and dust. Three machine-like humanoids stepped through the gaping hole that was once the bedroom's south wall. The metallic man-machines scanned the room, fixing their sights on Ty. His eyes widened as they approached their bed.

“Are you a living weapon?” the Cyberdrones' leader said, daring Ty to speak. But before he could even answer, the leader announced, “I have visual confirmation. We have him.”

Ty reached toward the night table. He opened the top drawer and withdrew the 9mm, semi-automatic Glock that he kept just in case of a break-in. He pointed it at the Cyberdrone.

“Don't move or I swear I'll shoot!”

The Cyberdrone took a step forward, and Ty began to fire, pulling the trigger until the clip was empty. As he lowered the gun, his heart raced when he realized that the bullets had no effect -- not a dent, not even a scratch -- on the Cyberdrone's metal chest. The Cyberdrone grabbed the gun and crumpled it, then grabbed Ty by his neck and hoisted him from the bed, dangling him in the air. When he pulled him close, Ty could see the Cyberdrone's human eyes peering at him through the dark glass of his visor. Ty kicked his feet wildly, struggling in vain to get loose. From the corner of his eye he saw Kelly, still sitting on the bed, motionless, probably too scared to move. The Cyberdrone leader turned to the others.

“Plant the explosives. Eliminate all witnesses.” With that, the others left the room.

“What do you want?” Ty gasped. The Cyberdrone lifted him higher, examining the rest of his body.

“So you're the mighty Powerstar, the legendary Number Seven. You don't look like much to me.”

“My name . . . is Ty Hill. You . . . you got the wrong man.”

“We'll see.”

“Leave him alone!” Kelly yelled, finally awaking from her daze.

The Cyberdrone turned and glared at the young woman as she pulled the sheets up above her chest.

“Please . . . don't hurt her. I'll give you . . . whatever you want,” Ty pleaded.

“You are what we want!” The Cyberdrone drew his arm back and threw Ty through the opposite wall, through the plaster, wooden studs and bricks. From six stories up, Ty fell uncontrollably to the street, slamming into the sidewalk head first. The Cyberdrone looked down at Ty's body lying inside a cement crater. A read-out inside his helmet verified Ty's vital signs. He was still alive!

“Confirmation complete. We have Number Seven.” The Cyberdrone slowly turned toward Kelly.

The story that led to the creation of The Omega Nexus is a great example of the enduring pursuit of the American dream. The Omega Nexus was created by brothers Roger and Jerry Reece as children, during the early 1980s. Soon after immigrating to the United States from Barbados, the boys found it difficult to adjust to their new northeastern surroundings. The long New York winters were the most difficult for them, so the brothers would stay indoors to avoid the cold weather and watch TV, especially anything that related to action or superheroes. As time passed, the brothers realized that as much as they loved superheroes, there were none at the time that looked like them or that they could look up to as black heroes. With no black heroes or toys to play with they decided to create their own, of course along with a supporting cast to complete their unique imaginary universe. The characters they created were simplistic enough to satisfy their nine- and eleven-year old needs. Soon word of the new artists spread throughout their New Rochelle, New York, neighborhood kids of all ethnicities were seeking the brothers out to create super heroes in their images. Of course, Jerry and Roger were happy to accommodate all requests and thus was the beginning of their assimilation into American culture. As the Reece brothers entered high school, they continued to create additional story-lines and characters, as the creative process was a bond they both shared. Soon their interests diverged and the brothers became occupied with other pursuits. Roger was the artist, and after graduating from high school he attended The Connecticut Institute of Art. Jerry entered the work force in the telecommunications industry which turned into a sixteen year career. Coincidentally, Roger also worked in the telecommunications industry. As time passed, Jerry and Roger felt an overwhelming need to change their career paths but they wanted to do something creative, and more importantly, fulfilling. The socially aware brothers felt that there was still a serious lack of role models for children, especially African American youths, so they devised a plan. They returned to college both earning degrees in Liberal Arts then decided to revisit the characters they created in the past, update them and share them with the world. They wanted to create something unique and fresh so they developed a concept. What if super humans existed in this world? What would they do and more importantly, what would we and our government do? With these ideas, they decided to create a saga that would appeal to the adult audience as well as to children. The brothers teamed up with five talented individuals and established their company The Omega Nexus Group. The company intends to create an entirely new genre of superheroes that will re-define the concept of the classic hero through a reflection of modern culture. Ascended: The Omega Nexus, is the first novel in the Ascended franchise. The Reece brothers plan on releasing other inspiring titles that feature innovative, thought provoking themes as their company grows. Their ultimate goal is to promote teen literacy and become major participants in the licensing and merchandising industry.
I read Omega Nexus, and at first glance,I would never had read this type of book. So glad I read the book. It was a true page turner. Very interesting, I never put the book down. I felt as if I was one of the characters in the book . I will, I am telling all my girlfriends about this book. So glad I read the book. I can not wait for the next one. To the authors the book was very entertaining. Thank You for such enlightening read material.
I really enjoyed this book and was impressed with the fact that I could pass it along to younger readers without worrying too much about censorship. This book is a simple, clean read, worth the purchase. I think the authors did an amazing job, creating something young kids of all backgrounds can read and enjoy. I will no doubt purchase whatever comes next and hopefully one day we'll see these heroes depicted on the big screen!

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