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Poetry D'Jour
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This book is a compilation of Beryl's poetry which she so passionately shared with her family and friends. It was created in loving memory of her so that her words will continue to be shared with others. The expression of the strength and beauty of her words in a range of themes continually keeps the reader engaged in her poetry. Her writing brings insight into today's challenging situations, revealing her past memories and hopes for what the future may bring. Several of her close friends and family have made poetry contributions to this book.

One of her most inspirational poems came to words after her father passed away. She wrote `Missing You' in memory of her father, Arthur Darlaston.

My life passed before my eyes

Across the space of years as in a dream

If only I could reach out one more time

Touch your hand;

Brush my lips against your brow,

Say, I love you,

And how very much you're missed!

Born in Birmingham, England and then moving to Canada at a young age, Beryl McMullen grew to have an immense love for poetry and writing. Her poetry was the voice to her thoughts as she expressed herself through verse. In her mind's eye, she professed it is never too late to learn and never too late to start, it is the state of mind and matter of will which allows one to take charge, time is just a gift. Enjoying life and doing what one loved every day was what mattered the most. Her fondness for animals was her next love and it is reflected through her poetry. She was an admired individual who had lived through the toughest of times bringing lots of wisdom and inspiration to others and for this she will be greatly missed but the memory of her beautiful words will be shared for generations to come.


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