Squircular! An Actor's Tale
Squircular! An Actor's Tale
An Actor's Tale
Perfect Bound Softcover
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My philosophy of acting and thus life transcends anything that resembles philosophy. It is now about what I do and not merely what I think. I experience happiness with a smile. I experience thought with a word. I experience life with action. I act therefore I am! Summer Hill Seven, Squircular! As a child, Summer Hill Seven studied and taught from the Bible and Quran. He became a 5%er and later a youth Imam with the American Muslim Mission. At Richard Stockton College, he served as the first African-American and first two-term student body president. At Princeton University and the New York University School of Law, he emerged as a national student leader in the same year that President Obama became the editor of the Harvard Law Review. After leading a protest & take-over of the dean’s office at the NYU School of Law and establishing the Nelson Mandela Scholarship for the National Black Law Students Association, Seven transformed the paradigm provided by the legal system and pursued an even more powerful vehicle to provoke social change. He found acting. He found theater. Poemedy found him. Poemedy is a method of recording, analyzing, and codifying the Diasporan mirror. It is the quintessential pith of pain, rancor, joy and triumph of the spirit over those slings and arrows, the barbs and chains of post enslavement colonialism. In spite of the rigor of such analysis there is the good humor of grandma and the pungent perspective of the modern man all rolled into Poemedy. Laurence Holder, writer/director Squircular! makes me imagine what Antwon Fisher’s book might have been if he had combined his poetry and his memoir; both Fisher and Seven’s stories are beautifully triumphant and yet only one is Poemedy. David Lamb, writer/producer Click Here for Book Trailer
Too black & too strong, continues to describe my work. We the enlightened are increasingly impatient with the ignorant insofar as ignorance is absolutely opposed to enlightenment. Hence, a conflict of preferences causes the ignorance in us to continue to engage in war with ourselves. In our further ignorance we award a peace prize to a president presiding over a prior president’s war. In our ultimate ignorance we wait for the Nobel Peace Prize winning messiah to, with some slight of hand beyond our comprehension, beat our armaments into plowshares. If you are foolish enough to let someone else tell you how to live your life, then there are plenty of people foolish enough to tell you how to do it. The messiah is in your mirror. Save yourself. Life is perfectly squircular. You and I are perfectly squircular. I am the actor. I am acting like a writer. I am acting like a poet, philosopher and prophet. I am a true Poemedian living into the unfolding of a fulfilling prophecy. My work is mostly inspired by a conversation between black men in America about the artistic work of other black men like Public Enemy and Wynton Marsalis, August Wilson and Langston Hughes, Denzel Washington and Summer Hill Seven. After all, I am my favorite actor. Many of the other popular concerns about art, like sales figures, profits, fame, fortune, etc., are about economic status or social circle separation. In fact, in her senior thesis, Mrs. Obama explores the social circle separation theory. Like her and many of you, I have experienced first hand the feeling of being despised because of my color – or my family background and ultimately because of my taste – my choices – my aesthetic. I actually like the taste of malt liquor. Let me tell you, they don’t even sell Olde English 800 on Nassau Boulevard in Princeton, NJ. I would return to five points on Princeton Avenue and buy Ol’ E at the Big E Liquor store in North Trenton whenever I felt like I was losing a grip on my identity and sanity at Princeton University. It would be several years later before I would actually and intentionally let my grip go. It would be a couple of decades later before I would identify myself as having Drapetomania. I don't recall meeting Michelle Obama, who left Princeton University two short years before I arrived. She looks somewhat familiar - perhaps our paths crossed at a Princeton alumni event. I don't remember her and I wonder if she remembers me? We both remember what it was like to be too black and too strong at Princeton University which may have had something to do with why I eventually dropped out of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and disassociated myself with everything that I thought the institution and those like it stood for - namely - the maintenance of the economic, social and intellectual status quo. Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson? The 28th U.S. President, former Governor of New Jersey, former President of Princeton University, alumnus of Princeton.
Summer Hill Seven is an iconoclastic and innovative performer, hip-hop theatrical artist, theatre and film director, and educator who has interpreted the works of Shakespeare, Shaw, Hughes, Douglas, Holder, Wilson, Parks, Fuller, et. al., at some of the country’s greatest venues. As a Poemedian, Seven has performed at New York's Lincoln Center, the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts, the Byron Carlyle Theatre (Miami Beach, FL), the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Asolo (Sarasota, FL), the National Black Theatre (Harlem, NY), Nuyorican Poetry Café, Bowery Poetry Club, Miami’s Literary Café, and the Afrikan Poetry Theatre. Seven continues to tour Poemedy in the US and abroad. Summer Hill Seven is a distinguished alumni of Sister Clara Muhammad School (Philadelphia, PA), Richard Stockton College (Honors), Princeton University, New York University School of Law and the University of Delaware’s Professional Theater Training Program. He was the National Director of Community Service for the National Black Law Students Association and a Legal Aid Attorney for the Essex-Newark Legal Services of New Jersey. As a director, in June of 2010 his directorial debut, Platanos & Collard Greens (Audelco Award), began its eighth consecutive year off Broadway in NYC. Currently, he is developing and directing several projects for both stage and film. Squircular! – An Actor’s Tale is his third Poemedy memoir. This volume includes 49 sections of perfect poemedyz (a seven line poem, each line containing seven syllables) and essalogues which spring from a thirty year conversation with his favorite writers including Laurence Holder and Langston Hughes - August Wilson and William Shakespeare – George Bernard Shaw and Tennessee Williams – Amiri Baraka and Tanya Barfield - Arthur Miller and Suzan-Lori Parks – Charles Fuller and James Baldwin – Dale Carnegie and Steve Covey – Og Mandino and Napoleon Hill – David Walker, Dr. WEB Du Bois and Carter G. Woodson.

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