From The Father's Heart
From The Father's Heart
A Compilation of Inspirational Writings, Original Songs and Verses
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Compilation of Origian Songs, Verses and Inspiational Writings
MY BEAUTICIAN AND MY FRIEND I met a young lady, Some time ago. And right off the bat, We began to flow. I watched her grown, From height to height. And God is giving her, Great insight. He’s proven to her, What He can do. She has a testimony, That He can take you through. The lost in her life, Truly hurt that day. But God was there, To show her the way. She can testify, A way maker God is. And He give you strength, And power to live. The test doesn’t end. But we are favored to win. As long as we keep Jesus, And neither bow nor bend. She is stronger by far. Than she was before. And Jesus is calling, Seek Me the more. You are bowed too low, To see what I see. Yet, I’m still calling, Servant, come unto Me. A priceless treasure, I hold in my hand. And it’s just for you. If you continue to stand. Your life can testify. Of my power and strength. And I will straighten, In you whatever is bent. So lift your sight, To the heavens up above. And dare to walk, In the power of His love. So in the Father’s hand, You’ll find true rest. So keep on pressing, Till you receive His best.
Willie Mae Sampson was born in 1934 in Scott, Ark., to share-cropper parents in hard times. She was the seventh of 13 children. When she was five years old, she saw a book of rhymes of the alphabet. When it was read to her, she knew she wanted to write books. At age 14, she began to write how she felt inside and about the beauty of nature. In 1966, she began to teach in a preschool Head Start program, which gave her the opportunity to use her talent. She considers herself shy, so she used her gift to say to people what she could not speake to them. She is married and is the mother of five children. Her first edition "From The Father Heart" was Published and Copyrighted in 1995, dedicated in the memory of her loving mother, Mary Byrd. This will be her second edition Copyrighted in 2010, dedicated in the memory of Ailene Buting,
This is an inspiring book of poetry; true experiences, which show the love of God. The Author really has a relationship history with Him; with a clear communication channel, a message flowing directly from His heart.
Ruby Sampson 
Mother is an amazing vessel of God. I love her poetry and her wisdom. She is truly a Blessing. I would that all women could have this knowledge in their hands. Let God minister to you through her and Be Blessed.
Angela Waters 

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